North Korea is facing a Covid disaster

North Korea is facing a Covid disaster

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un looks like he’s in big trouble. His country has announced an “explosive” outbreak of Covid-19, reporting more than 2 million cases of what it refers to as “fever” in little more than a week since its first reported case.

In a largely undeveloped and famously isolated country of 25 million, where the vast majority of people are thought to be unvaccinated, it has the potential to be a humanitarian disaster on the sort of scale that would threaten the grip on power of just about any government in the world.
But Pyongyang isn’t like any other government. In fact, some experts say that rather than weaken Kim the outbreak could make him more powerful — by giving him an excuse to tighten his grip.
Kim has at his disposal an extensive propaganda machine and an ability to block outside information that could help him shape the narrative of this crisis in his favor — much as his predecessors did with the 1990s famine thought to have starved hundreds of thousands of North Koreans to death. Back then, Pyongyang had framed its problems as an “Arduous March” — and blamed them partly on flooding and partly on American sanctions.
Kim is already showing signs of trying to stage manage this latest crisis. Even before the outbreak was announced, Kim had been warning his officials to prepare for “another, more difficult Arduous March.” That appeared to be a reference to severe food shortages that are once again facing the country and have likely been made worse by the very border lockdowns Kim introduced to keep the virus out.
Analysts are also suspicious about the timing of Pyongyang’s acknowledgment of the Covid outbreak. Its previous insistence that it had been Covid-free had been a source of widespread skepticism and some suggest its sudden openness about its problems is timed deliberately to coincide with a visit to the region by President Joe Biden, who was due to arrive in South Korea on Thursday evening local time.
“The fact that Kim Jong Un has decided to come out and publicly announce this health crisis is quite telling,” said Lina Yoon, a senior Korea researcher at Human Rights Watch. “(It) may have a political element, obviously.”
This may not be the only way Kim has of ensuring Pyongyang is top of the agenda when the President meets the South’s new leader Yoon Suk Yeol.
Intelligence from Washington suggests Kim is planning either a nuclear test or a launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile to coincide with the visit — an assessment shared by South Korea, which has prepared plans to respond to potential “provocations” from Pyongyang. That would fit Kim’s recent behavior. According to Seoul, on the same day North Korea announced its outbreak, it fired three short-range ballistic missiles into waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.
The lingering unknown is this: will Kim’s problems with Covid distract him from such a show of power, or will it make him more belligerent?

“Gravest state of emergency”

While Pyongyang may be seeking attention, few would suggest it is exaggerating its outbreak. Indeed, until recently its lack of officially reported cases had prompted widespread skepticism.
Its official death toll as of Thursday was 62 deaths, but experts say the real figure could be far higher and is likely to balloon.
State media has reported that samples from some patients showed them to be carrying the Omicron variant, the high transmissibility of which could prove devastating in a population that is not only largely unvaccinated but — if official accounts are to be believed — has no natural immunity through prior infections.
North Korea is not known to have imported any coronavirus vaccines — despite being eligible for the global Covid-19 vaccine sharing program, Covax. Last year, it publicly rejected an offer of nearly three million doses of China’s Sinovac Covid-19 vaccines.
On Monday, three North Korean cargo planes flew to China and back, according to a South Korean government official with knowledge of the matter. It’s unknown what the planes were carrying, but the rare trip came after China pledged to help North Korea with its Covid outbreak.
“There is no evidence to show that North Korea has access to enough vaccines to protect its population from Covid-19,” said Amnesty International’s East Asia researcher Boram Jang.
“With the first official news of a Covid-19 outbreak in the country, continuing on this path could cost many lives and would be an unconscionable dereliction of upholding the right to health.”
In response, Kim has appeared unusually willing to admit the problems facing his country, declaring the “gravest state of emergency” and ordering all provinces and cities into lockdown.
But whether that will stoke popular anger against him seems unlikely to many experts given Kim’s ability to manipulate the state’s considerable propaganda machinery — as long as he can prevent the crisis from directly affecting the country’s ruling elites.
“If senior elites start dying en masse — there are quite a lot of them, and we don’t know if they are vaccinated — if many of them die of it, there may be questions asked about why North Korea didn’t vaccinate earlier,” said Chad O’Carroll, managing director of the Seoul-based NK News outlet.
Since the outbreak was announced, alongside videos telling people what to do if they exhibit Covid symptoms, state-run TV has devoted large amounts of time to clips of Kim inspecting epidemic command centers and pharmacies — perhaps designed to show he is in control of the situation.

A test of health care, and Kim’s leadership

Still, Yoon at Human Rights Watch said the very fact Pyongyang was publicly acknowledging the crisis suggested it had “very serious concerns” about the outbreak and the potential for it to spread.
“(North Korea) has an unvaccinated population and chronic malnourishment, and they have no medicines for treating basic symptoms of Covid-19,” Yoon said. “North Korea is much more fragile than any other country that we know.”
Yoon said North Korea now urgently required foreign aid, particularly vaccines and medicine, and even if it accepts help — offers have come in from both the South and the World Health Organization — the vaccination process is likely to be slow because the country lacks the infrastructure to store or transport vaccines.
“It is going to test his leadership, and it is going to create some urgency for very creative storytelling in the North Korean propaganda apparatus,” said O’Carroll of NK News.
A priority for Kim’s state media will be to explain why strict border lockdowns failed to keep Omicron out. O’Carroll pointed out that not only had those lockdowns failed, but they were a driving factor in the severe food shortages facing the countries as they had prevented deliveries of grain and fertilizer.
One option for Kim would be to stage a very public show of humility.
“We’ve seen Kim Jong Un crying about the nation’s sacrifices (in the past) — I think this is the type of thing he may do to try dampen outrage,” O’Carroll said.
“North Korean citizens have definitely been through a lot,” he said. “The first thing he could do is really apologize and take some blame for it.”
Meanwhile, if Kim is indeed thinking of a show of force to coincide with Biden’s visit he might do well to think about one of his last shows of power.
O’Carroll said the timing of North Korea’s outbreak suggested a massive military parade Kim held last month to mark the 90th anniversary of the founding of its army had become a “super-spreader event.”
Crowds observing the parade were shown on film celebrating without face masks.
“We know that they flew in citizens from across North Korea to attend and celebrate that event,” he said. “That’s the perfect petri dish for this virus to spread, so I think that parade will go down in history as a very bad idea for North Korea.”

PSG-Metz Match En Direct Tv Streaming

PSG-Metz En Direct

Le Paris Saint-Germain (premier) est actuellement bien au-dessus du FC Metz (18e) en Ligue 1, et est un -512 favori pour gagner lorsqu’il accueille le FC Metz (+1029) samedi à 15h00 HE.

Le PSG s’est imposé le 14 mai face au Montpellier HSC sur le score final de 4-0. Le PSG victorieux a pris quatre autres tirs dans le match, 13 à 9. Lionel Messi deux buts pour son équipe lors du match contre le Montpellier HSC.

Le FC Metz s’est imposé 1-0 à domicile contre l’Angers SCO lors de son dernier match le 14 mai. L’Angers SCO a devancé le FC Metz 14 à 8. Didier Lamkel Ze a marqué le seul but du FC Metz sur deux tirs.

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Qui sont les joueurs clés du Paris Saint-Germain ?

  • Kylian Mbappé est le meilleur buteur du PSG cette saison. Il a 26 buts en 34 matchs.
  • Avec 25 tirs cadrés pour 12 buts, Neymar est le deuxième meilleur buteur du PSG cette saison.

Qui sont les joueurs clés du FC Metz ?

  • Nicolas De Preville mène le FC Metz avec cinq buts en 27 matchs cette saison, 52e en championnat.
  • Le FC Metz a également obtenu quatre buts en 19 matchs de Fabien Centtonze.

Les statistiques clés du Paris Saint-Germain contre le FC Metz

  • Le PSG et son adversaire ont cumulé plus de 3,5 buts de samedi à 15 reprises cette saison.
  • Il y a eu 12 matches du FC Metz avec plus de 3,5 buts cette saison.
  • est allé 25-8-4 lorsqu’il a été favorisé sur la ligne d’argent cette saison.
  • Cette saison, le FC Metz a remporté quatre des 31 matchs, soit 12,9%, dans lesquels il a été un outsider.

Monaco-Lens Match En Direct Tv Streaming

Lens vs AS Monaco Live

L’AS Monaco (+102) est favorisée par le RC Lens (+226) lorsqu’elle joue pour la deuxième fois en Ligue 1 cette saison samedi, après que le RC Lens a remporté la première rencontre 2-0.

Le dernier match de l’AS Monaco a été une victoire 4-2 à domicile contre le Stade Brest 29, réalisant 15 tirs et devançant le Stade Brest 29 par huit tirs. L’AS Monaco était emmenée par Wissam Ben Yedder, qui a inscrit trois des buts de son équipe face au Stade Brest 29.

Lors de son dernier match le 14 mai, le RC Lens s’est imposé 3-1 à l’extérieur contre Troyes, tout en inscrivant six tirs de plus que Troyes. Kevin Danso, Jonathan Clauss et Arnaud Kalimuendo ont tous marqué un but pour le RC Lens.

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Regardez l’AS Monaco contre le RC Lens avec fuboTV

Qui sont les joueurs clés de l’AS Monaco ?

  • Ben Yedder est en tête de l’AS Monaco cette saison avec 24 buts et 41 tirs au but.
  • Autre grand buteur de l’AS Monaco, Kevin Volland. Il a neuf buts et 21 tirs au but.

Quels sont les acteurs clés du RC Lens ?

  • Kalimuendo, meilleur buteur du RC Lens, affiche 12 buts en 35 matchs (10e en championnat), sur 50 tirs (1,4 tirs par match).
  • Seko Fofana, autre des meilleurs buteurs du RC Lens, compte huit buts en 37 matchs (31e en championnat), sur 54 tirs (1,5 tirs par match).

Statistiques clés de l’AS Monaco contre le RC Lens

  • Au total, 20 matchs de l’AS Monaco cette saison ont dépassé le plus/moins de 2,5 buts de samedi.
  • Au total, 21 matchs du RC Lens se sont terminés avec plus de 2,5 buts cette saison.
  • L’AS Monaco a remporté 17 de ses 31 matchs en tant que favori sur la moneyline cette saison (54,8%).
  • Cette saison, le RC Lens a été un outsider à 12 reprises et a remporté quatre de ces matchs, soit 33,3 %.

Juve-Fiorentina In Diretta Tv Streaming

Juve Fiorentina In Diretta

Come trasmettere in streaming Juventus-Fiorentina online:

Bet365* trasmette in streaming una selezione di partite di Coppa Italia in diretta per i titolari di account. Chi è interessato allo streaming live di Juventus-Fiorentina può usufruire di questo servizio seguendo i semplici passaggi di seguito.

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Dove vedere Juventus-Fiorentina in TV:

  • Regno Unito: Premier Sports 1
  • Stati Uniti: rete sportiva CBS

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I campioni in carica si portano in vantaggio per 1-0 nella gara di ritorno di questa semifinale, chiudendo un primo incontro ravvicinato grazie all’autogol di Lorenzo Venuti nei minuti di recupero. Se la Juventus dovesse avanzare, questa sarebbe la sua settima finale di Coppa Italia in otto stagioni, vincendone cinque, mentre la Fiorentina ne ha vinta una e persa una delle due finali di questo secolo. Il vincitore affronterà l’Inter in finale, dopo aver battuto i rivali dell’AC Milan per 3-0 complessivamente in semifinale.

Novità sulla squadra bianconera

Arthur resta un dubbio per la Juventus che è stata esclusa dal pareggio con il Bologna nel fine settimana a causa di un infortunio alla caviglia. Nonostante non fosse grave, non c’è una data precisa per il rientro del brasiliano, con la Juventus che lo segue giorno dopo giorno. Se è ancora fuori, la Juventus continuerà con solo due centrocampisti centrali della prima squadra poiché sia ​​Manuel Locatelli che Weston McKennie rimarranno fuori.

Quindi, Adrien Rabiot e Denis Zakaria dovrebbero iniziare, mentre Dusan Vlahovic spera di guidare la linea per segnare il suo primo gol in Coppa Italia con la Juventus, dopo aver segnato tre reti con la Fiorentina all’inizio della competizione in questa stagione.

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Novità sulla squadra Fiorentina

La Fiorentina ha una rosa piuttosto fresca tra cui scegliere, con Gaetano Castrovilli e Giacomo Bonaventura gli unici assenti. Bonaventura è fuori dai giochi dalla pausa per le Nazionali per un infortunio al ginocchio, ma si spera che torni presto, mentre Castrovilli si è lussato il ginocchio nella vittoria sul Venezia nel fine settimana.

Pronostico punteggio: Juventus-Fiorentina 2-1

Atalanta-Empoli Match In DIretta Streaming

Atalanta Empoli Match In DIretta Streaming

Lo streaming live di Atalanta-Empoli inizierà il 21-05-22 alle 18:45 alle . Si giocheranno l’uno contro l’altro in Serie A il 21/22. Sarà una partita emozionante da guardare. Rimani con il livescore 10 Sports fino alla fine per assistere finalmente al vincitore della partita tra Atalanta vs Empoli. Questa è la partita di Serie A.

La Serie A 21/22, inizierà il 22-08-21 e terminerà il 22-05-22. In totale sono 10 le partite in programma per questa Serie A. Un totale di 20 squadre parteciperanno a questa Serie A 21/22.

Dettagli partita Atalanta vs Empoli in diretta

Data: 21-05-22

Partita: Atalanta-Empoli live score


Competizione: Serie A

Risultati in tempo reale Atalanta-Empoli, risultati

Puoi prendere il livescore, le statistiche dei giocatori, il scorecard e i risultati di Atalanta vs Empoli cliccando qui: Atalanta vs Empoli risultati dal vivo.

Atalanta vs Empoli Live streaming canali TV e risultati di calcio in diretta

  • Per seguire la diretta della Serie A 21/22, I-cable, Viacom, Emtek, TDM, Astro, Singtel, VTV forniranno la diretta streaming delle partite e dei campionati di calcio in India e nel suo subcontinente (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan , Nepal e Sri Lanka). È necessario ottenere un abbonamento ai canali menzionati.
  • Negli Stati Uniti e in Canada, gli spettatori di calcio possono guardare la Serie A 21/22 su Willow TV, DZN, ESPN/BAMTech TV.
  • In Bosnia ed Erzegovina, Croazia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, gli spettatori di calcio possono seguire la diretta, gli highlights, le partite e i campionati internazionali della Serie A 5 su Sportsklub
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  • In Nuova Zelanda, gli spettatori di calcio possono guardare i risultati in diretta della Serie A 21/22 sky sport NZ e talksport.

Canali in diretta streaming Atalanta-Empoli (a livello nazionale)

India: Hotstar Disney+, SonyLiv, Discovery+, Jio TV

Canali televisivi europei:

Balcani: Sportklub

Scandinavia: NENT

Resto d’Europa: Eleven Sports, Nova Sport, beIN Sports, Eleven Sports

Eurasia: Setanta

Medio Oriente e Nord Africa: BeIN Sports

Africa Subsahariana: ESPN Africa, Supersport, TStv,

Asia: i-Cable, Viacom, Emtek, TDM, Astro, Singtel, VTV

TV del Nord America: DAZN, ESPN/BAMTech

Caraibi: Sportsmax

America Centrale: Sky Messico

Sud America: ESPN Sur

Oceania: BeIN Sports

Atalanta-Empoli probabile partita 11

  • Atalanta:

Francesco Rossi, Davide Zappacosta, Jose Luis Palomino, Rafael Toloi, Berat Djimsiti, Aleksei Miranchuk, Remo Freuler, Marten De Roon, Mario Pasalic, Duvan Zapata, Luis Muriel

  • Empoli:

Samir Ujkani, Lorenzo Tonelli, Sebastiano Luperto, Petar Stojanovic, Liberato Cacace, Leo Stulac, Marco Benassi, Valerio Verre, Liam Henderson, Patrick Cutrone, Federico Di Francesco

Atalanta-Empoli, squadre/elenchi giocatori

  • Atalanta:

Aleksei Miranchuk, Remo Freuler, Duvan Zapata, Luis Muriel, Davide Zappacosta, Josip Ilicic, Jose Luis Palomino, Francesco Rossi, Rafael Toloi, Marten De Roon, Berat Djimsiti, Mario Pasalic, Matteo Pessina, Hans Hateboer, Juan Musso, Giuseppe Pezzella, Jeremie Boga, Marco Sportiello, Teun Koopmeiners, Merih Demiral, Ruslan Malinovskyi, Joakim Maehle, Valentin Mihaila, Giorgio Scalvini, Simone Panada, Tommaso Bertini, Giorgio Cittadini, Federico Zuccon, Andrea Oliveri, Samuel Giovane, Alassane Sidibe, Tommaso De Nipoti, Guillaume Philippe Renault, Matevz Dajcar, Moustapha Cisse, Jacopo Sassi

  • Empoli:

Leo Stulac, Patrick Cutrone, Marco Benassi, Lorenzo Tonelli, Sebastiano Luperto, Federico Di Francesco, Andrea Pinamonti, Petar Stojanovic, Liberato Cacace, Samir Ujkani, Ardian Ismajli, Guglielmo Vicario, Andrea La Mantia, Riccardo Fiamozzi, Simone Romagnoli, Valerio Verre, Liam Henderson, Nicolas Haas, Riccardo Marchizza, Filippo Bandinelli, Szymon Zurkowski, Nedim Bajrami, Jacopo Furlan, Mattia Viti, Klemen Hvalic, Fabiano Parisi, Tommaso Baldanzi, Kristjan Asllani, Valerio Biagini, Emmanuel Ekong, Leonardo Pezzola, Alessio Rizza, Jacopo Fazzini

Atalanta-Empoli migliore scelta per Capitano e Vice Capitano

  • Francesco Rossi
  • Davide Zappacosta
  • Luis Muriel
  • Lorenzo Tonelli
  • Marco Benassi

Atalanta-Empoli dream 11 fantasy pronostico per la partita di oggi

Portiere Francesco Rossi
Difensore Davide Zappacosta, Jose Luis Palomino, Lorenzo Tonelli, Petar Stojanovic
Centrocampista Remo Freuler, Marten De Roon, Leo Stulac, Marco Benassi
Inoltrare Duvan Zapata, Patrick Cutrone

Genoa Bologna In Diretta Streaming

Genoa Bologna In Diretta Streaming

Genova – Bologna risultati live e streaming live qui su, insieme al commento in diretta che copre gli eventi più importanti della partita. I collegamenti in diretta streaming Genova-Bologna saranno aggiornati non appena troveremo gli streaming ufficiali per questa partita di Serie A. Genova-Bologna (Serie A) prenderà il via il 21 maggio 2022 alle 21:15, a Genova, allo Stadio Comunale Luigi Ferraris.


Genoa Bologna In Diretta Streaming

Genoa Bologna hanno una storia testa a testa piuttosto solida, poiché si sono incontrate 27 volte nelle ultime stagioni, con il Genoa che ha vinto 10 partite, mentre il Bologna ha vinto partite. Un numero di partite si sono concluse con un pareggio.
Il Genoa ha segnato 32 gol negli scontri diretti, mentre il Bologna è riuscito a segnare 27 gol. Il leader assoluto nei test testa a testa è il Genoa con 10 vittorie, mentre il Bologna ne ha vinte solo 9.
Se guardiamo ai recenti confronti tra Genoa e Bologna, il Genoa è in testa agli incontri diretti con 3-0.

Anteprima Genova – Bologna , Diretta Streaming e Pronostico

Nelle precedenti partite il Genoa ha vinto partite (Cagliari, Juventus) e ne ha perse (con Milan, Samp, Napoli) mentre nessuna partita è finita in pareggio Il Genoa è riuscito a segnare 32 gol ea subire 27 gol ( 32 – 27 ).

Il Genoa ha segnato una media di 0,73 gol a partita nella stagione di campionato in corso. In termini di disciplina, la squadra di casa ha ricevuto 88 cartellini gialli e 3 cartellini rossi , commettendo 14,86 falli (in media) in ogni partita giocata. La valutazione media della squadra del Genoa è di 6,62 a partita.

Il Genoa in qualche modo non ha la capacità di tenere il pallone, avendo un possesso medio del 43,73% in questa stagione

Per maggiori dettagli, guarda i risultati dal vivo, le partite e i risultati del Genoa

Il Bologna entra in questa partita dopo aver vinto partite delle ultime cinque (Inter) perse (con Venezia, Sassuolo) mentre partite sono terminate in pareggio contro Udinese, Roma . La squadra ha segnato 27 goal subendo 32 goal ( 27 – 32 ).

In trasferta il Bologna ha segnato una media di 1,16 gol a partita e ne ha subiti 1,49 . La squadra ha ricevuto 91 cartellini gialli e 7 cartellini rossi , mentre il numero totale dei falli commessi è di 424 . La valutazione media della squadra del Bologna è di 6,71 a partita.

Il possesso palla è molto buono per il Bologna , con una media complessiva del 50,70 % in questa stagione.

Per maggiori dettagli, si prega di guardare i risultati dal vivo, le partite ei risultati del Bologna

Diretta streaming e trasmissione televisiva

La trasmissione TV in diretta Genova-Bologna può essere vista su Arena Sport (Cro), Arena Sport (Ser), Arena Sport (Svn), beIN Sport Max (Fra), bet365,,, Bilyoner, BT Sport ESPN , bwin PT, Chance, CMore (Fin), CMore Fotboll (Swe), COSMOTE Sport, DAZN Deutsch, DAZN Italia, DAZN Japan, Digi Sport 4 (Rom), Eleven Sports 2 (Pol), Fortuna, Fortuna PL, Fortuna SK , Netbet, Nova Sport 4 (Cze), Orange Sport (Rom), Prima Sport, S Sport, Sport 2 (Hun), Sport TV (Por),, SuperSport, Tipsport, Tipsport SK, Veikkaus TV, Winlinebet, Gioca .

Sarai in grado di guardare Genova vs Bologna in diretta streaming online qui se troviamo un video ufficiale in diretta per questa partita. Se è disponibile più di un’opzione di live streaming, tutte le informazioni richieste verranno mostrate in questa pagina e dovresti essere in grado di scegliere il miglior live streaming. Tieni presente che alcuni eventi dal vivo potrebbero non essere visualizzati a causa delle restrizioni nazionali (in base alla tua posizione).

Dopo la partita, verranno pubblicati i video highlights di Genova – Bologna , con i gol e gli eventi di rilievo di questa partita. Mostriamo solo i video in evidenza dai canali ufficiali e puoi incorporare in sicurezza tutti i video trovati su

Pronostico Genova – Bologna

Molto probabilmente il Genoa è il vincitore di questa partita, mentre è improbabile che accadano una vittoria o un pareggio per il Bologna.

La prima squadra a segnare dovrebbe essere il Genoa , con il 60% di possibilità.

All’intervallo, il risultato più probabile dovrebbe essere un pareggio ( 45% di possibilità).

C’è anche una grande possibilità per entrambe le squadre di segnare in questa partita.

I giocatori che hanno grandi possibilità di segnare in questa partita sono:

  • Mattia Destro 18.18%
  • Aleksander Buksa 16,67%
  • Kelvin Yeboah 16,67%
  • Marko Arnautovic 15,38%

Il punteggio finale corretto è il più difficile da prevedere. Utilizziamo metodi diversi per calcolare i risultati più probabili. Ti consigliamo vivamente di utilizzare questa previsione solo a scopo informativo.

Pronostico punteggio corretto di ScoreAxis per questa partita: 1:1

I nostri pronostici non devono essere utilizzati per scommesse o giochi d’azzardo su sport e non si assume alcuna responsabilità per eventuali perdite finanziarie (dirette o indirette) o di altro tipo che potrebbero derivare dall’utilizzo dei nostri dati statistici, previsioni o qualsiasi altro contenuto presente su questo sito Web .

Mayweather-Moore En Direct Streaming

Mayweather vs Moore en direct

Floyd “Money” Mayweather aura un combat d’exhibition à Dubaï. Il affrontera à cette occasion Don Moore, ancien boxeur invaincu (18-0-1).

Sur cette page, vous apprendrez comment regarder Mayweather vs Moore en direct le combat de n’importe où. Sans plus tarder, attachons notre ceinture et obtenons les bonnes informations.

Mayweather contre Moore

Date, heure et lieu du combat Mayweather vs Moore

Le 14 mai, Floyd Mayweather affrontera Don Moore sur l’héliport du complexe hôtelier Burj Al Arab Jumeirah à Dubaï. L’heure de départ est 14 h 00 HE et l’événement principal devrait commencer vers 17 h 00 HE ou 14 h 00 PT.

Date : Samedi 21 mai
Lieu : Héliport de l’hôtel Burj Al Arab à Dubaï
Heure Mayweather vs Moore (environ) : 17 h HE / 14 h PT / 16 h CT / 22 h BST / 7 h AEST.
Options PPV : LIVEnow/FITE TV/Main Event (AU)
Diffusion en direct : Achetez PPV sur FITE TV

Comment regarder Mayweather vs Moore en ligne aux États-Unis ?

Vous pouvez acheter le PPV via la plateforme LIVEnow pour seulement 18,59 $. Il est également disponible sur FITE TV. Le coût FITE TV PPV est de 29,99 $. L’heure de début de l’événement principal Mayweather vs Moore est d’environ 17 h 00 HE ou 14 h 00 PT aux États-Unis. Cela dépendra également de l’undercard.

Comment regarder le combat Mayweather contre Don Moore au Royaume-Uni?

Le PPV sera diffusé en direct à travers le monde et pourra être visionné sur LIVEnow pour un prix de 14,99 £ au Royaume-Uni. Vous pouvez également obtenir le PPV via FITE TV. Mayweather contre Don Moore se bat au Royaume-Uni à 22 h 00 BST.

Comment regarder Mayweather vs Moore en direct PPV depuis le Canada ?

Le PPV est disponible dans le monde entier via LIVENow et FITE TV. Pour les téléspectateurs canadiens, vous pouvez acheter le PPV du LIVENow pour 27,99 CAD. le PPV est également disponible sur FITE TV. Les fans canadiens doivent se connecter à 17 h 00 HE ou 14 h 00 PT.

Comment regarder Moore vs Mayweather en direct en Australie?

Mayweather vs Moore est disponible en pay-per-view sur Kayo. Le coût de Kayo Pay-Per-View est de 29,95 $. En Australie, vous devez vous connecter le dimanche 15 mai à partir de 4 h AEST.

Ce PPV ne nécessite pas d’adhésion à Kayo. Pour passer une commande pour cet événement, cliquez sur le bouton vert COMMANDER MAINTENANT, puis suivez les instructions à l’écran.

Les cartes-cadeaux Kayo Sports peuvent être utilisées pour acheter ce PPV. Entrez votre numéro de carte à 30 chiffres et cliquez sur échanger lors de l’inscription. Pour finaliser votre achat d’événement PPV, inscrivez-vous.

Chaque achat comprend le programme de combat Mayweather contre Moore. Les abonnés Kayo existants doivent passer une commande et entrer les informations de paiement sur la page PPV afin de participer.

Comment regarder Mayweather vs Moore en direct depuis les Émirats arabes unis (Dubaï) ?

Depuis les Émirats arabes unis/Dubaï, vous devez acheter PPV auprès de LIVENow pour avoir accès à Mayweather vs Moore Live Stream.

À Dubaï, la carte principale commencera à GMT + 4 PM HE le samedi 14 mai. et le Main Event devrait commencer le lendemain vers 1 h 00 (GMT + 4) le dimanche.

Comment regarder Moore vs Mayweather depuis l’extérieur de votre pays ?

Nous pensons que personne ne devrait se voir refuser la possibilité de pratiquer son sport préféré. ExpressVPN, heureusement, est sur la même longueur d’onde.

Vous pouvez regarder votre équipe locale depuis l’étranger si vous êtes un expatrié ou si vous êtes en poste en dehors de la zone de visionnement. Démarrez le programme VPN à l’emplacement sélectionné. Vous pourrez voir les flux sportifs en direct sans craindre un logiciel de géoblocage limitant l’accès.

Il peut être possible d’accéder à des sites tels que YouTube et Amazon Prime Video depuis l’étranger en utilisant un VPN. Tout n’est pas disponible partout en raison des contraintes de licence.

ExpressVPN pense que parce qu’Internet est mondial, vous devriez pouvoir voir le combat Mayweather contre Don Moore de n’importe où dans le monde.

Il vous suffit d’installer ExpressVPN sur votre appareil, de vous connecter au serveur de votre fournisseur de streaming. La prochaine chose que vous faites est simplement d’ouvrir votre application de streaming et de profiter du spectacle Moore vs Mayweather.

Comment diffuser le combat Moore contre Mayweather sur Amazon Fire TV Stick et Smart TV

Créez un compte FITE sur votre Kindle à partir d’ Pour accéder à votre compte FITE, vous devez d’abord vous connecter. FITE est disponible pour les appareils Fire TV et Kindle Fire. Veuillez entrer votre nom d’utilisateur et votre mot de passe FITE. Ensuite, vous pouvez utiliser les applications mobiles FITE pour diffuser du contenu sur votre Fire TV depuis votre smartphone ou votre tablette. Si ce n’est pas déjà fait, téléchargez et installez les applications mobiles FITE sur votre smartphone ou votre tablette.

Comment diffusez-vous FITE TV PPV en direct sur les appareils Roku ?

Inscrivez-vous gratuitement en ajoutant la chaîne FITE à votre ROKU. Il n’est pas nécessaire de s’inscrire ou de faire une garantie. Si vous avez déjà un compte FITE, entrez vos identifiants de connexion pour recevoir votre profil. FITE fonctionne sur n’importe quel appareil ROKU exécutant 7.7 ou supérieur.

Puis-je regarder Mayweather vs Moore en direct en ligne gratuitement?

Vous ne pouvez pas regarder Mayweather vs Moore Live Stream Free en ligne car il s’agit d’un événement PPV. Il n’y a donc aucun moyen légal de le regarder gratuitement. Mais, il existe des sites de streaming gratuits. Tels que CrackStreams, Buffstreams, Stream2Watch, VIPRow, etc. hébergent illégalement du contenu en streaming en direct.

Ainsi, vous pouvez regarder Moore vs Mayweather se battre en direct gratuitement à partir de ces liens de site. Remarque : La plupart des sites Web de streaming gratuits regorgent de vidéos et de publicités contextuelles. Cela peut installer des programmes malveillants sur votre appareil. Nous ne recommandons donc pas les sites de streaming gratuits.

Puis-je regarder ou diffuser Don Moore vs Mayweather sur Reddit ?

Le fournisseur FITE offre une variété de modèles d’abonnement et de paiement à la carte, y compris gratuitement. Vous ne payez que les articles que vous choisissez d’acheter à partir de nos plans d’abonnement ou de notre calendrier de paiement à la carte (PPV). Il y a de fortes chances que des gars sympas sur Reddit partagent leurs liens gratuitement. Mais utilisez cette option avec votre discrétion.

Dossier et profil de Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather

Nom : Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Nationalité : américaine
Né : 24 février 1977
Taille : 5-8
Portée : 72 pouces
Total de combats : 50
Record : 50-0 avec 27 KO

Mayweather a dépassé le record de 50-0 de Rocky Marciano avant de prendre sa retraite pour la troisième fois en 2017. Floyd Mayweather Jr. est né aux États-Unis et est un promoteur et entraîneur de boxe. Mayweather sera intronisé au Pro Football Hall of Fame en 2020.

Mayweather a combattu YouTuber Logan Paul dans son dernier combat avant de se retirer de la boxe en 2021.

Depuis sa victoire sur Genaro Hernandez en 1999, Floyd “Money” Mayweather est largement considéré comme le meilleur boxeur que le monde ait jamais vu.

Floyd Mayweather a gagné plus d’un milliard de dollars au cours des deux dernières décennies de sa carrière de boxeur professionnel. Lors d’un combat à Las Vegas en 2017, le record professionnel parfait de 49-0 de Rocky Marciano a été brisé lorsqu’il a été battu par Conor McGregor. Mayweather a eu une carrière de boxeur professionnel bien remplie, mais il n’a jamais affronté un adversaire avec le niveau de talent et de capacité de Mayweather.

Mayweather semblait être plus viable avec la préparation et la promotion qu’il ne l’était avec les combats réels.

Dossier et profil de Don Moore

Don Moore

Nom : Don Julian Moore
Nationalité : américaine
Né : 27 février 1980
Taille : 5-10
Portée : 67 pouces
Total de combats : 19
Record : 18-0-1 avec 12 KO

Don Moore, un junior de trois ans, a été choisi par Mayweather pour un contrat lucratif qui dépasserait très probablement les 8 millions de dollars. Floyd Mayweather affrontera “Dangerous” Don Moore (18-0, 12 KO) le 14 mai à l’héliport de l’hôtel Burj Al Arab à Dubaï le 14 mai.

Le palmarès professionnel de Moore a été irréprochable jusqu’à ce moment. Le combat le plus récent de Moore a eu lieu en 2016, lorsqu’il a éliminé DeShaun Williams.

Dans vingt de ses vingt-six rencontres, Williams a été vaincu. Si vous regardez attentivement le record de Moore, vous découvrirez qu’il a perdu contre tous les adversaires qu’il a affrontés.

Moore a sélectionné ses adversaires avec un soin considérable tout au long de sa carrière. Lors d’une conférence de presse à Miami cette semaine, Moore a promis un combat “explosif”.

Il n’a jamais concouru en dehors des États-Unis, c’est donc son premier combat.

FAQ Floyd Mayweather contre Don Moore :

À quelle heure commence Mayweather vs Moore?

L’heure de début de la carte principale est 14 h HE (11 h PT, 13 h CT, 19 h BST), avec des promenades sur le ring pour l’événement principal (combat Mayweather vs Moore) qui devrait suivre à 17 h HE (14 h PT, 16 h CT, 22 h 00 BST).

Qui est sur l’undercard ?

Les responsables ont confirmé que la prochaine exposition de Mayweather comprendrait un événement undercard ainsi que l’événement principal. Un ancien combattant de l’Ultimate Fighting Championship, Anderson Silva, participera à l’événement principal contre son compatriote brésilien Bruno Machado. Badou Jack, l’ancien champion du monde des super-moyens, fera son retour contre le poids lourd égyptien Hany Atiyo lors de son premier combat après sa retraite du sport.

Combien coûte Mayweather contre Moore combat PPV Price ?

LiveNow fournit un PPV mondial pour seulement 18,59 $. Les consommateurs de Fite TV peuvent également acheter le PPV via sa plateforme. Le coût de Fite TV Pay per View est

Puis-je regarder Mayweather combattre en direct sur ?

Non. Jusqu’à présent, nous ne pouvons pas confirmer la disponibilité de Mayweather vs Don Moore PPV sur

Comment obtenir des billets Floyd Mayweather vs Don Moore?

Les billets étaient disponibles en tant que NFT sportif et pouvaient être achetés pour 65 Ethereum, soit presque l’équivalent de 150 000 £. Un NFT est un actif numérique qui symbolise des éléments tangibles, tels qu’un ticket, et accorde au propriétaire des droits de propriété de l’actif.

Tous sont épuisés. Mais il y a possibilité de revente même si les prix pourraient augmenter. Vous pouvez trouver des informations sur les billets de revente sur AXS ou d’autres marchés secondaires. Mais vous aurez plus de chances d’obtenir les billets si vous avez connu l’un des détenteurs de billets.

Ver Mayweather vs Moore En Vivo Y En Directo En línea

Mayweather vs Moore Fight Live Stream

Verifique todas las opciones para escuchar o  ver la transmisión en vivo de Floyd Mayweather vs. Don Moore  de forma gratuita en Reddit, Crackstreams y FITE TV PPV. Una de las peleas más grandes de la historia del boxeo tuvo lugar el sábado 14 de mayo de 2022. Veamos a continuación entre las transmisiones de boxeo Mayweather vs Moore en vivo, dónde y cómo verlas gratis desde cualquier lugar. Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre Floyd Mayweather vs Don Moore, que presenta peleas de campeonato.

Míralo ahora:  transmisión en vivo de Mayweather vs Moore gratis

Floyd Mayweather regresa al ring. Después de una pelea de exhibición con Logan Paul el año pasado, “Money” Mayweather se enfrenta a Don “Dangerous” Moore en otra pelea de exhibición, (extraoficialmente) poniendo su récord perfecto en juego.

Transmisión en vivo de Mayweather vs Moore Fight

¿Quieres ver la pelea Mayweather vs. Moore en vivo? sigue leyendo A continuación encontrará todo lo que necesita saber sobre cómo ver la pelea de Mayweather vs. Moore, incluido cómo transmitir Mayweather vs. Moore en línea a través de FITE.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vuelve a subir al ring para una pelea de exhibición.

Esta vez, el campeón mundial de varios pesos se enfrenta a Don Moore en uno de los hoteles más glamurosos de Dubái. 

La última salida de exhibición de Mayweather fue el año pasado cuando recorrió toda la distancia con el YouTuber Logan Paul en Miami. 

Aquí está todo lo que necesita saber sobre Mayweather vs. Moore.

Mayweather vs Moore Fight Live Stream

Floyd Mayweather vs Don Moore LIVE

Mayweather vs Moore Fight will have an exhibition fight in Dubai. Floyd “Money” Mayweather will face Don Moore, an unbeaten former boxer, on this occasion (18-0-1).

In this page, you will learn how to watch Mayweather vs Moore live stream the bout from anywhere. Without further ado, let’s buckle up and get the great information.

Mayweather vs Moore fight date, time, and location

On May 14th, Floyd Mayweather will face Don Moore on the helipad of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel complex in Dubai. The starting time is 2:00 PM ET and The main event should begin around 5 PM ET or 2:00 PM PT.

Date: Saturday, May 14
Venue: Helipad of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai
Mayweather vs Moore time (Around): 5 pm ET / 2 pm PT / 4 pm CT / 10 pm BST / 7 am AEST.
PPV Options: LIVEnow/FITE TV/Main Event (AU)
Live Stream: Buy PPV on FITE TV

How to Watch Mayweather vs Moore Online in the U.S?

You could purchase the PPV through LIVEnow platform for only $18.59. It is also available on FITE TV. FITE TV PPV cost is $29.99. Mayweather vs Moore main event start time is around 5 PM ET or 2:00 PM PT in the United States. It’s also will depend on the undercard.

How to watch Mayweather vs Don Moore fight in the UK?

The PPV will be aired live across the world and will be accessible to watch on LIVEnow for a price of £14.99 in the United Kingdom. You can also get the PPV through FITE TV. Mayweather vs Don Moore fight UK time is 10 pm BST.

How to Watch Mayweather vs Moore live PPV from Canada?

PPV is globally available through LIVENow and FITE TV. For Canadian viewers, you could purchase the PPV from the LIVENow for CAD 27.99. the PPV is also available on FITE TV. Canadian fans need to tune in at 5 PM ET or 2:00 PM PT.

How to Watch Moore vs Mayweather live stream in Australia?

Mayweather vs. Moore is available as a pay-per-view on Kayo. Kayo Pay-Per-View cost is $29.95. In Australia, you need to tune in Sunday, May 15 from 4 am AEST.

This PPV does not require a Kayo membership. To place an order for this event, click the green ORDER NOW button and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Kayo Sports gift cards may be used to purchase this PPV. Enter your 30-digit card number and click redeem during registration. To finalize your PPV event purchase, sign up.

Every purchase includes the Mayweather vs. Moore fight program. Existing Kayo subscribers must place an order and enter payment information on the PPV page in order to participate.

How to Watch Mayweather vs Moore Live Stream from United Arab Emirates (Dubai)?

From the United Arab Emirates/Dubai, You need to purchase PPV from LIVENow to get access to Mayweather vs Moore Live Stream.

In Dubai the main card will start at GMT +4 PM ET on Saturday, May 14. and Main Event should start at next day at around 1 am (GMT +4)on Sunday.

How to watch Moore vs Mayweather from outside your country?

We think that no one should be denied the opportunity to participate in their favorite sports. ExpressVPN, luckily, is on the same wavelength.

You may watch your home team from abroad if you are an expat or otherwise stationed outside the viewing area. Start the VPN program at the selected location. You will be able to view live sports feeds without fear of geo-blocking software limiting access.

It may be possible to access sites like YouTube and Amazon Prime Video from overseas by using a VPN. Not everything is available everywhere due to license constraints.

ExpressVPN believes that because the Internet is worldwide, you should be able to view Mayweather vs Don Moore fight from anywhere in the world.

You just need to install ExpressVPN on your device, connect to the server of your streaming provider. The next thing you do is just open your streaming app and enjoy the Moore vs Mayweather spectacle.

How to Streaming Moore vs Mayweather fight on Amazon Fire TV Stick & Smart TV

Create a FITE account on your Kindle from To access your FITE account, you must first log in. FITE is available for both the Fire TV and the Kindle Fire devices. Please enter your FITE username and password. Then you may use the FITE mobile applications to stream content to your Fire TV from your smartphone or tablet. If you haven’t already, download and install the FITE mobile applications on your smartphone or tablet.

How do you stream FITE TV PPV Live on Roku devices?

Sign up for free by adding the FITE channel to your ROKU. Signing up or making a guarantee isn’t required. If you already have a FITE account, enter your login credentials to receive your profile. FITE works on any ROKU device running 7.7 or above.

Can I watch Mayweather vs Moore Live Stream Free Online?

You can not watch Mayweather vs Moore Live Stream Free online because it is a PPV event. So, there is no legal way to watch it free. But, there are some free streaming websites. Such as CrackStreams, Buffstreams, Stream2Watch, VIPRow, etc. illegally host live streaming content.

So, you may watch Moore vs Mayweather fight live stream free from those site links. Note: Most of the free streaming websites are full of video and pop-up ads. That can install malware programs on your device. So we don’t recommend free streaming websites.

Can I Watch or Stream Don Moore vs Mayweather on Reddit?

FITE provider offers on a variety of subscription and pay-per-view models, including for free. You only pay for the items you choose to purchase from our Subscription plans or Pay-Per-View (PPV) schedule. There’s a good chance that nice guys on Reddit share their links for free. But use this option with your discretion.

Floyd Mayweather Record & Profile

Floyd Mayweather

Name: Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Nationality: American
Born: Feb. 24, 1977
Height: 5-8
Reach: 72 inches
Total fights: 50
Record: 50-0 with 27 knockouts

Mayweather surpassed Rocky Marciano’s 50-0 record before retiring for the third time in 2017. Floyd Mayweather Jr. was born in the United States and is a boxing promoter and trainer. Mayweather will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2020.

Mayweather fought YouTuber Logan Paul in his final fight before retiring from boxing in 2021.

Since his victory over Genaro Hernandez in 1999, Floyd “Money” Mayweather has been widely regarded as the finest boxer the world has ever seen.

Floyd Mayweather has made more than $1 billion in the last two decades of his professional boxing career. During a fight in Las Vegas in 2017, Rocky Marciano’s perfect 49-0 professional record was shattered when he was defeated by Conor McGregor. Mayweather has had a storied professional boxing career, but he has never faced an opponent with Mayweather’s level of talent and ability.

Mayweather appeared to be more viable with preparation and promotion than he was with actually fighting.

Don Moore Record & Profile

Don Moore

Name: Don Julian Moore
Nationality: American
Born: Feb. 27, 1980
Height: 5-10
Reach: 67 inches
Total fights: 19
Record: 18-0-1 with 12 knockouts

Don Moore, a three-year junior, was chosen by Mayweather for a lucrative deal that would very probably exceed $8 million. Floyd Mayweather will fight ‘Dangerous’ Don Moore (18-0, 12 KOs) on May 14 at the Burj Al Arab Hotel helipad in Dubai on May 14.

Moore’s professional track record has been faultless until this moment. Moore’s most recent bout took place in 2016, when he knocked out DeShaun Williams.

In twenty of his twenty-six encounters, Williams was defeated. If you look attentively at Moore’s record, you will discover that he has lost to every opponent he has played.

Moore has selected his opponents with considerable care throughout his career. During a news conference in Miami this week, Moore promised a “explosive” fight.

He has never competed outside of the United States, therefore this is his first fight.

Floyd Mayweather vs Don Moore FAQ:

What time does Mayweather vs Moore start?

The main card start time is 2 pm ET (11 am PT, 1 pm CT, 7 pm BST), with ring walks for the main event (Mayweather vs Moore fight) expected to follow at 5 pm ET (2 pm PT, 4 pm CT, 10 pm BST).

Who is on the undercard?

Officials have confirmed that Mayweather’s upcoming exhibition would include an undercard event as well as the main event. A former Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Anderson Silva will participate in the main event against fellow Brazilian Bruno Machado. Badou Jack, the former world super-middleweight champion, will make his comeback against Egyptian cruiserweight Hany Atiyo in his first fight after retiring from the sport.

How much is Mayweather vs. Moore fight PPV Price?

LiveNow provides global PPV for only $18.59. Fite TV consumers can also purchase the PPV through its platform. Fite TV Pay per View cost is

Can I Watch Mayweather fight Live On

No. Until this moment, we can’t confirm the availability of Mayweather vs Don Moore PPV on

How to Get Floyd Mayweather vs Don Moore Tickets?

Tickets were available as a sports NFT and may be purchased for 65 Ethereum, almost equivalent to £150,000. An NFT is a digital asset that symbolizes tangible items, such as a ticket, and grants the asset’s owner ownership rights.

All of them are sold out. But there’s possibility of resales although the prices could be raising. You could find out the information about resales tickets on AXS or other secondary marketplaces. But you will have greater chance to attain the tickets if you’ve known one of the tickets holders.

Ver Real Madrid vs Real Betis En Vivo Gratis

Real Madrid vs Real Betis live

El viernes por la noche en San Sebastián (8:00 p. m., Reino Unido), el Real Madrid recibe al Real Betis, otro de los seis primeros, en un fascinante choque de final de temporada con muchas ventajas y desventajas limitadas.

Cómo ver del Real Madrid vs Real Betis transmisión en vivo:

Bet365 * transmite una selección de partidos de La Liga en vivo para titulares de cuentas. Aquellos interesados ​​en transmitir Real Madrid vs Real Betis en vivo pueden aprovechar este servicio siguiendo los sencillos pasos a continuación.

Haga clic en este enlace. PARA VER: Real Madrid vs Real Betis EN VIVO
‘Únete ahora’ e ingresa los detalles.
Inicie sesión y deposite fondos en su cuenta.


Navegue hasta el enlace ‘En vivo’ en la parte superior de la página de inicio y seleccione el evento deseado.
*Se aplican restricciones geográficas, solo mayores de 18 años, deben tener una cuenta financiada o haber realizado una apuesta en las últimas 24 horas, BeGambleAware. Todas las probabilidades y ofertas dentro de este artículo son precisas en el momento de la escritura (15:00, 13/04/22).

Dónde ver Real Madrid vs Real Betis por TV:

Reino Unido: Bet365 (ver arriba)

Noticias del Real Madrid

Después de que algunos problemas de mitad de temporada aparentemente eliminaron al Real Madrid de la competencia europea, el equipo vasco ha enderezado el barco de manera impresionante, con una sola derrota (fuera de casa ante el líder Real Madrid) y cinco victorias en sus últimos siete en la liga. Esa racha tiene a La Real de regreso en el sexto lugar, ocho puntos por encima del Villarreal, que ocupa el séptimo lugar (quienes, como recién coronados semifinalistas de la Liga de Campeones, probablemente estén enfocados en otra parte). En España, los seis primeros se clasifican para Europa. Tal como están las cosas ahora, el Real Madrid sería el representante de LaLiga en la Europa Conference League de la próxima temporada.

Sin embargo, sólo dos puntos por delante (y en el único puesto de La Loga en la Europa League) está su invitado del viernes por la noche, el Real Betis, y un solo punto por delante, en cuarto lugar (y una Champions League), un Atlético de Madrid que acaba de perder su último encuentro liguero en Mallroca y, la noche anterior a este partido, recibirá al Manchester City en el partido de vuelta de cuartos de final de la Champions. A la Real le quedan todo tipo de potencialidades en esta campaña liguera, prácticamente sin riesgo de quedar fuera de los seis primeros.

Desafortunadamente para los anfitriones, no podrán contar con Nacho Monreal (rodilla), Ander Barrenetxea (rotura de músculo del muslo) y Carlos Fernández y (vitalmente) Mikel Oyarzabal, ambos fuera por rotura de ligamentos cruzados.

El XI previsto del Real Madrid: Remiro; Zaldua, Elustondo, Le Normand, Muñoz; Zubeldía, Zubimendi; Portu, Silva, Lobete; isaac

Noticias del Real Betis

Al igual que la Real Sociedad, el Betis empezó fuerte la temporada de LaLiga. Al igual que  La Real, Los Béticos  han sufrido un par de malas rachas que los han dejado temporalmente fuera de los puestos europeos. Sin embargo… sí,  al igual que la Real Sociedad, el  Betis ha mostrado bastante resiliencia. Entran en este concurso bastante importante invictos en cuatro partidos de liga, con tres victorias. Sin embargo, a diferencia de sus anfitriones, el Betis llegó al partido del viernes por la noche con un buen estado de salud.

Naturalmente, además de intentar ganar todos los partidos que quedan en su propio calendario, el Betis observará atentamente las hazañas del Atlético contra el Man City el jueves. Sin duda, Diego Simeone obtendrá un gran esfuerzo de su parte. Cualquiera de los Atleti, que ingresan a su partido de vuelta detrás de Man City 1-0, se quedó corto en ese gran esfuerzo, lo que podría significar una decepción emocional y probablemente una caída temporal en la forma. Por otro lado, si el Atleti es capaz de revertir el déficit y llevarse el empate, hay una buena posibilidad de una decepción similar (aunque  MUCHO  más feliz), sin mencionar el pequeño asunto de una semifinal de la Liga de Campeones.

Pase lo que pase, hay muchas posibilidades de que la carrera por el cuarto puesto en España esté abierta. El Betis, que ya es un candado para el fútbol europeo la próxima temporada, se encuentra en una posición fantástica para encontrarse en la principal competición de clubes del continente.

Real Betis vaticinó XI:  Bravo; Bellerin, Bartra, Brown, Pezzella; Carvalho, Guardia, Canales, Fekir; Juan es el indicado; Willian José