Chris Avila: Nate Diaz Would Beat Jake Paul, That’s Easy Money

Chris Avila: Nate Diaz Would Beat Jake Paul, That’s Easy Money

Combat sports veteran Chris Avila, who recently appeared on Jake Paul’s undercard, believes the social media star turned boxer would make a very big mistake if he decided to face UFC veteran Nate Diaz.

Avila, who is teammates with Diaz, picked a decision win over Paul’s close friend, Anthony Taylor, on last month’s Showtime pay-per-view card that featured Paul’s brutal knockout of former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in the main event.

After his fight was over, Paul called for a boxing match with Diaz among other MMA fighters.

Diaz is very interested in having that fight – but it’s very unlikely that UFC President Dana White would allow him to face Paul.

In fact, White made it clear in a recent interview that he would not allow Diaz or any UFC contracted fighter to face Paul in a boxing ring.

If the fight ever happened, Avila believes Diaz would beat Paul easily.

“I’m down to see that fight. But when you fight Nate Diaz, you’re getting the realest fighter of all time right there,” Avila told MMA Fighting.

“So these guys are sitting here calling his name and eventually he’s going to get in the boxing ring and I’m excited to see it. Who he’s going to box is his choice. He’s going to make a stamp and a statement in boxing, easy.

“Jake Paul’s team is zero. We’re one up already [with me beating Taylor]. That last fight was a Paul-Diaz, team versus team, Jake Paul made that. They’re already down one. So if he wants to get in the ring with Nate or me, it would be fine with either of us. I know that’s a fight I can win. I know that’s a fight Nate would win, hands down. Easy money.”

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