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Tyson previously stated he would only fight Paul if their clash broke the pay-per-view record and the boxing legend said he will call Paul this week about the fight.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson plans to open talks with Jake Paul this week over their $300million mega fight.

Paul has repeatedly called out Tyson for his next fight, but the former undisputed heavyweight world champion said he would only face the YouTube star if their fight came close to breaking a pay-per-view record. Both men are friends and speak highly of each other, with Tyson crediting Paul’s path into the boxing world.

A fight between the pair is making steady progress as ‘Iron Mike’ said he is going to call Paul on Friday to discuss the clash. “I’m going to call him sometime Friday and we’re going to talk, absolutely” Tyson said on the Club Random Podcast. Paul fights at 192lbs but said he would move up to heavyweight to face Tyson in a bout that he thinks is worth over $300million.

Paul thinks by mixing two generations of boxing the fight will sell millions of pay-per-view. The current highest-selling pay-per-view is 4.6 million and ‘The Problem Child’ thinks a fight with Tyson could come close to that number.

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