Heat vs. Warriors: Play-by-play, highlights and reactions

Heat vs. Warriors: Play-by-play, highlights and reactions

The Miami Heat (23-14) play against the Golden State Warriors (7-7) at Chase Center

Game Time: 10:00 PM EST on Monday January 3, 2022

Miami Heat 76, Golden State Warriors 80 (Q3 03:06)

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Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
Oh no
Jimmy Butler not even almost trying to put any pressure
Looked like he knew what it was as soon as it happened – 11:42 PM
Monte Poole @MontePooleNBCS
Jimmy Butler pivots to make a move, slips and goes down with a likely knee issue. Assisted off the court. – 11:41 PM
Kendra Andrews @kendra__andrews
Jimmy Butler is being helped off the court after appearing to injure his right knee. He’s not putting any weight on his right leg. – 11:41 PM
Mark Haynes @markhaynesnba
Jimmy Butler has a leg injury and is being helped off the court. – 11:41 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
Omer Yurtseven man
Dudes learning on the fly, but he’s learning at an incredible speed – 11:39 PM
Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT
We take a timeout down 77-72 with 4:54 remaining in Q3 after briefly taking the lead.
Jimmy leads with 22pts – 11:37 PM
Tom Ziller @teamziller
Seeing an increasing amount of Wiggins All-Star buzz out there … are we going to have a legitimate Wiggins-KAT debate for the final West spot??? – 11:36 PM
Anthony Chiang @Anthony_Chiang
Watching Kyle Lowry work the refs is an underrated aspect of the Kyle Lowry experience. – 11:35 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Lowry’s fourth foul, with 5:16 left in third. – 11:34 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
Jimmy Butler playing the Duncan Robinson role – 11:32 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Jimmy Butler has now passed P.J. Brown and Voshon Lenard to move into 24th the Heat’s all-time scoring list. – 11:32 PM
Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT
right place, right time 💪 pic.twitter.com/6LbAvCSJ1411:30 PM

Golden State Warriors @warriors
GPII is so smooth with it
📺 @NBCSAuthentic pic.twitter.com/IKzDyQXjuW11:29 PM

Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
Miami battling in this stretch as well
Herro with short term memory, Butler continues to attack, Lowry looks like playoff mode Lowry, Martin is the ultimate role player
Question is sustainability – 11:28 PM
J. Kyle Mann @jkylemann
candace parker: draymond impacts the game without needing to score — by attacking in transition, he sees the floor and knows when and where to probe with his quick passing
isiah: trae young averages 30 points! that ain’t no joke! – 11:23 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
I’m interested to see how Tyler Herro responds in this second half
The length and overall switching continues to bother him, but how does he adjust?
He’s done a great job this season of flipping performances in the same game, but this is a different beast – 11:17 PM
Tim Reynolds @ByTimReynolds
Draymond Green tonight: the NBA’s first zero-point, 10-assist first half since Ricky Rubio on Feb. 5, 2020. – 11:07 PM
Nick DePaula @NickDePaula
PJ Tucker returns in a Zoom GT Cut PE. 🔥 pic.twitter.com/Notgzd8IFH11:06 PM

Tony East @TEastNBA
Draymond at his best is such a delight to watch. Basically nobody plays like him. Steph didn’t score for the first 18 minutes of this game, Warriors still up at the half. – 11:06 PM
Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT
2nd quarter went a little better, still some ground to make up pic.twitter.com/m9YhwP3DvK11:06 PM

Anthony Chiang @Anthony_Chiang
Teams have combined for 21 shots at the rim in the first half. Heat and Warriors defenses doing what they do and limiting opportunities around the rim. – 11:05 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Down 13 early, Heat go into half down 59-54 to Warriors. Butler with 12 for Heat, Lowry 11.Steph 3 for 10, 3 fouls. – 11:04 PM
Vincent Goodwill @VinceGoodwill
Butler and Lowry only played 18 games together before tonight. Really looking forward to them running a two-man game and gaining some chemistry – 11:04 PM
Wes Goldberg @wcgoldberg
Jordan Poole looked like he was trying to sabotage Gary Payton II to get his starting job back on that lob. – 11:04 PM
Monte Poole @MontePooleNBCS
Draymond with 10 assists in 17 first-half minutes – 11:02 PM
Golden State Warriors @warriors
Open shot?
#DraymondGreen || #NBAAllStar pic.twitter.com/P5nHFoLz4P11:01 PM

Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
Jimmy Butler doing whatever he chooses over the last few minutes
Seemed like he was coasting before this point
They need this from him tonight – 11:01 PM
Eric Walden @tribjazz
Donovan Mitchell, on what the difference was in the Jazz’s shooting tonight: “The screw-it mentality, just letting it fly, letting shots go. … I said it after the [Warriors] game, sometimes the best reads are just, ‘Shoot it.’” – 11:01 PM
Tim Reynolds @ByTimReynolds
Draymond Green with 0 points, 3 rebounds, 9 assists, 1 steal and 1 block so far in the first half. Kids, there is more to life than buckets. Take note. – 11:00 PM
Vincent Goodwill @VinceGoodwill
What a block from Draymond. With the left hand so he wouldn’t risk a foul. Just masterful defensively – 11:00 PM
Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT
Caleb knocking ’em down during the 18-3 HEAT run 🔥 pic.twitter.com/mhyhTTjHZN10:58 PM

J. Kyle Mann @jkylemann
draymond has made a couple of gorgeous passes to cutters in this first half – 10:56 PM
Tim Reynolds @ByTimReynolds
After those back-to-back 3’s, Caleb Martin now just 2,936 away from tying Stephen Curry for the NBA’s all-time lead. – 10:55 PM
Golden State Warriors @warriors
SC for threeeee
#StephenCurry || #NBAAllStar pic.twitter.com/mqIaiRsGqp10:54 PM

Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
Like I’ve said time and time again, the solidity of Caleb Martin is under appreciated
The dude is consistently the same high level player on both ends every night – 10:54 PM
Monte Poole @MontePooleNBCS
If you’re awaiting the Andre Iguodala appearance for Warriors, check in Wednesday in Dallas. His R knee has the night off – 10:52 PM
Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT
A 9-0 HEAT run has us back within 3!
Down 40-37 with 7:57 left in Q2 – 10:50 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
Kyle Lowry has been incredible in this recent stretch
Working the inside one-on-one, PnR’s with Omer looking better and better
Herro and others following his spark
Big time quarter from him – 10:49 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Kyle Lowry’s doggedness is, well, remarkable. – 10:49 PM
Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT
he somehow got that to go in 🤯 pic.twitter.com/XJcQHqsgNU10:48 PM

Mike Vorkunov @MikeVorkunov
Ja Morant says the Grizzlies call themselves the “Road Warriors.” They’re 11-6 on the road after punishing Brooklyn. Memphis has the 7th-best record in the NBA.
“We have more fuel when we’re on the road,” Morant says. – 10:47 PM
The Vertical @YahooSportsNBA
Poole Party +1 😬
(via @NBCSWarriors)
pic.twitter.com/gf8VkSiuqE10:42 PM

Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT
a couple quick triples off the bench in Q1 🎯 pic.twitter.com/XKEXeqE46110:40 PM

Mark Haynes @markhaynesnba
Jordan Poole led all scorers in the first quarter with 14 points off the bench. – 10:40 PM
Golden State Warriors @warriors
1Q update 😎
Wiggs & JP: 26 points
Miami Heat: 25 points pic.twitter.com/x417QBTzb910:39 PM

Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
Defensively, seems like over helping needs to be turned down a bit, while in understand this team provides a ton of stress
Offensively, it’s either Herro or Butler time, or it’ll be a long night – 10:39 PM
Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT
Silva and Guy leading the way with 6pts apiece pic.twitter.com/vKrkAQwLoW10:39 PM

Wes Goldberg @wcgoldberg
Feels like a minor miracle that Miami is *only* down 33-25 through the first quarter… until you realize Steph only played five minutes. – 10:39 PM
Golden State Warriors @warriors
📺 @NBCSAuthentic pic.twitter.com/5Ko4QML3oa10:38 PM

Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Per Heat: Ömer Yurtseven is in the locker room receiving stitches over his left eye, he is expected to return to the game. – 10:38 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Warriors 33, Heat 25 at end of one. Poole 14 for Warriors, Wiggins 12. Heat could not take advantage of two early fouls on Curry. – 10:37 PM
Monte Poole @MontePooleNBCS
Jordan Poole is knocked down on an and-1. Draymond hops off the bench, both knees wrapped in ice, to pick up his teammate. Little things matter in a team concept – 10:37 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Fourteen first quarter bench points for Jordan Poole. Boosted the Warriors’ offense after Steph Curry’s two early fouls. – 10:37 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
Miami’s leading scorers right now are Kyle Guy and Chris Silva
That tells you all you need to know – 10:36 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Mike Brown is out of protocols and back on the Warriors’ bench tonight. First time Steve Kerr’s had both his lead assistants, Brown and Kenny Atkinson, on the bench together since late October. – 10:35 PM
Golden State Warriors @warriors
Dubs have nine made shots
Dubs have nine assists
📺 @NBCSAuthentic pic.twitter.com/9dkAaz1hXA10:34 PM

Monte Poole @MontePooleNBCS
Draymond is at it again, controlling the action at both ends without scoring a single point – 10:33 PM
Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT
#MIAvsGSW INJURY UPDATE: Ömer Yurtseven is in the locker room receiving stitches over his left eye, he is expected to return to the game. – 10:32 PM
Carl Steward @stewardsfolly
Warriors have so many excellent 3-point shooters. And now they’re going to add Klay? 5 for 8 tonight and Steph doesn’t yet have one. – 10:27 PM
Monte Poole @MontePooleNBCS
Warriors bang 5 3-pointers in first six minutes. Wiggins and Poole each w/2, Porter rails one seconds after coming off the bench, prompting a MIA timeout.
Warriors 21, Heat 10, 5:36 Q1: – 10:27 PM
Mark Haynes @markhaynesnba
Otto Porter hasn’t played a full minute yet and has already knocked down a triple. – 10:26 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
Watching the start of this one, I just don’t know if Miami has anything close to enough fire power offensively to compete tonight
They don’t seem to know what they want to get to
No base at the moment – 10:26 PM
Tim Reynolds @ByTimReynolds
The Warriors are ridiculous, even without the 77th-best player in NBA history. – 10:26 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
P.J. Tucker enters for the first time as a Heat reserve. – 10:24 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Kyle Guy now as second Heat reserve. – 10:23 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
The one thing Miami can’t do in this one is fall into the trap of playing the Warriors game
You can’t beat them like that
The offense needs some added layers instead of constant PnR, kick-out, repeat – 10:21 PM
Wes Goldberg @wcgoldberg
Warriors obviously think Lowry on Wiggins is a mismatch, and so far they’ve been right. – 10:20 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Warriors 13, Wiggins 10, Heat 6. – 10:19 PM
Monte Poole @MontePooleNBCS
Curry is whistled for his second foul inside the first 3 minutes. To the bench for Poole – 10:17 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
Jimmy currently guarding Draymond
Lowry guarding Wiggins
Feel like a change is coming with Wiggins winning that battle with his length – 10:16 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Andrew Wiggins 8, Heat 4. – 10:16 PM
Golden State Warriors @warriors
Wiggs showin’ off the range early
📺 @NBCSAuthentic pic.twitter.com/DKCQjZiMWA10:16 PM

Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Yurtseven forced out by blood rule, so Chris Silva enters early. – 10:14 PM
Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT
make sure y’all are tuned in to this one pic.twitter.com/zyZyh2vWQf10:06 PM

Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
After waiving guard Jeff Dowtin Jr., the Golden State Warriors opened a two-way roster spot. warriorswire.usatoday.com/2022/01/02/war…10:00 PM
Meghan Triplett @Meghan_Triplett
Road warriors get it done! First game of 2022 and it’s a @Memphis Grizzlies win over the Nets, 118-104!
Morant: 36pts, 6reb, 8ast
Bane: 29pts, 8reb,
Grizzz outrebounded the Nets 62-33, had 42 bench pts, 29 2nd chance pts & 62 PTS in the paint! – 9:58 PM
Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT
Ömer Yurtseven is in elite rebounding company heading into tonight vs the Warriors. See which Hall-of-Famer’s streak he’s in reach of, and how you can watch/listen to the game. gohe.at/3pMJwhP9:53 PM
Golden State Warriors @warriors
All smiles on #WarriorsGround
Stream the game LIVE 👉 https://t.co/OMrtDufAON pic.twitter.com/jlTbQodVPp9:45 PM

Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT
Happy to have our guy back! pic.twitter.com/EMUZkiq2s19:44 PM

Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
PJ Tucker not starting is not only them working him in a bit, but it’s also the absolute necessity to stagger Omer and him
Best case scenario for this matchup – 9:41 PM
Anthony Chiang @Anthony_Chiang
Omer Yurtseven has been the NBA’s top rebounder over the last 10 games. Exploring the Heat rookie center’s recent play miamiherald.com/sports/nba/mia…9:39 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
P.J. Tucker not shown on initial Heat starting lineup on stats monitor of:
Omer Yurtseven
Caleb Martin
Jimmy Butler
Tyler Herro
Kyle Lowry – 9:37 PM
Pete Pranica @PetePranica
The @Memphis Grizzlies biggest lead of 28 PTs over BKN is tied for biggest deficit BKN has faced all year. Also trailed by 28 vs. GSW. It’s the 6th time BKN has been down 20+ PTs this season. – 9:29 PM
Mark Haynes @markhaynesnba
Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green are back on the floor together at the Chase Center.
#DubNation pic.twitter.com/EvrBzmvOLz9:24 PM

Lauren Rosen @LaurenMRosen
The @Philadelphia 76ers win their 4th straight, beating Houston, 133-113.
Embiid: 31 PTS / 15 REB / 10 AST
Korkmaz: 24 PTS / 11 REB / 6 AST
Curry: 15 PTS / 5 REB / 5 AST
Harris: 14 PTS / 6 REB / 6 AST
Joe: 18 PTS / 1 STL
Drummond: 8 PTS / 7 REB / 2 AST
Niang: 8 PTS / 5 REB – 9:22 PM
Kendra Andrews @kendra__andrews
Steph, Draymond and Klay all warming up together for the first time in over two years pic.twitter.com/VlDLkyFmFh9:19 PM

Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Per Heat: P.J. Tucker will be active. – 9:18 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
The importance of PJ Tucker will be on display tonight
Not just his defensive excellence, but the ways he can plug in as that Bam-lite facilitator
He’s back – 9:17 PM
Tim Reynolds @ByTimReynolds
PJ Tucker has been cleared, Heat announce. He’s active. – 9:17 PM
Wes Goldberg @wcgoldberg
PJ Tucker will play tonight. – 9:17 PM
Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
The way Seth Curry has knocked down some big shots in this 2nd half has been huge for the offense #Sixers9:16 PM
Golden State Warriors @warriors
these guys 😃😃😃
@Oracle || 💦 pic.twitter.com/RHeM9CSQb89:16 PM

Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Seth Curry with a big jumper and that gives Joel Embiid a triple-double. He now has 31, 15, and 10 after that bucket. It’s a 122-103 lead. #Sixers9:12 PM
Marc J. Spears @MarcJSpears
Heat forward PJ Tucker plans to play tonight versus Golden State, source says. pic.twitter.com/CDh8BEGgRi9:11 PM

Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
P.J. Tucker clears NBA protocols as Heat get closer to whole. sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-h…9:11 PM
Kendra Andrews @kendra__andrews
Klay Thomspon just walked out on the court for his warm up slot and was greeted by big cheers from the crowd that’s already here. – 9:07 PM
Connor Letourneau @Con_Chron
Doing a Warriors mailbag. You know the drill, tweet me your questions! – 9:06 PM
Golden State Warriors @warriors
home sweet home
@Oracle || Game Ready pic.twitter.com/3p4ERFRbgA9:04 PM

Barry Jackson @flasportsbuzz
How Cristobal has been good for Miami Hurricanes business. And UM pursues transfers: miamiherald.com/sports/spt-col…8:59 PM
Sam Quinn @SamQuinnCBS
If the Nets, Bucks, Bulls and Heat end up being the East’s final four, who would you like to face who in the second round?
I think I want Bucks-Heat and Nets-Bulls. Really build up that Bucks-Heat rivalry, and DeMar/LaVine trying to match buckets with the Nets would be awesome. – 8:48 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Erik Spoelstra says Mario Chalmers has mentioned eventually getting into coaching, “If he does decide to get into this madness, I’d love to help him.” – 8:45 PM
Wes Goldberg @wcgoldberg
Erik Spoelstra says Mario Chalmers told him he wants to get into coaching.
“If he does decide to get into this madness, I would love to help him… whether it’s with our organization or another one.” – 8:41 PM
Christian Clark @cclark_13
NAW thinking he’s Steph Curry after literally one made shot is so relatable. – 8:38 PM
Andy Larsen @andyblarsen
I wonder how many teams we’re going to see trap Clarkson now that the Warriors have done it — it honestly has worked extremely well. – 8:37 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
Erik Spoelstra says PJ Tucker is still questionable tonight vs Warriors
“He’s going to go through his routine, and I’ll meet with the training staff.”
@5ReasonsSports8:36 PM
Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Seth Curry was 0/6 at the half. He’s hit all 3 of his shots here in the 3rd quarter. Philly goes up 82-71 on that triple. #Sixers8:31 PM
Mark Haynes @markhaynesnba
Steve Kerr didn’t confirm that Klay Thompson is playing Sunday but says it’s possible. – 8:27 PM
Ohm Youngmisuk @NotoriousOHM
Steve Kerr says Klay Thompson will travel with the team on its upcoming back-to-back at Dallas and New Orleans. James Wiseman, who has cleared protocols, will not travel with team as he continues to make his way back. – 8:24 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
James Wiseman cleared protocols, won’t go on the road trip. Steve Kerr said the hope is now that Wiseman advances to contact work next week. – 8:22 PM
Ohm Youngmisuk @NotoriousOHM
Steve Kerr says “it’s possible” if Klay Thompson could return on Sunday against the Cavs. @woj reported earlier that there’s optimism that Klay could come back then. – 8:21 PM
Kendra Andrews @kendra__andrews
Jordan Poole will come off the bench again tonight. Gary Payton II will start.
Steve Kerr says this is decision is based on the matchup against the Heat. Could see Poole back in the starting lineup in Dallas. – 8:21 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Warriors starters vs Heat
Steph Curry
Gary Payton II
Andrew Wiggins
Draymond Green
Kevon Looney – 8:20 PM
Rod Beard @detnewsRodBeard
Just remembered that Miami Trey Lyles was different. – 8:14 PM
Alykhan Bijani @Rockets_Insider
Sometimes not possible, but wonder if Theis can use the defense playing off of him to the #Rockets advantage by catching, then dribbling into a dribble hand-off with a ball-handler when the Big is camped in the paint and willing to give up the open 3. Similar to Draymond + Steph. – 8:09 PM
Noah Levick @NoahLevick
Transition defense a big first-half problem for the Sixers — 16 fast-break points already for the Rockets.
Tobias Harris and Seth Curry have combined to shoot 3 for 16 from the floor. – 8:08 PM
Marc J. Spears @MarcJSpears
Coming soon? Injured Warriors center James Wiseman had a solid workout this morning and is inching closer to a season debut. pic.twitter.com/IXpyRwSpeU7:57 PM

Kendra Andrews @kendra__andrews
James Wiseman has cleared health and safety protocols and is out on the court getting shots up ahead of Warriros v. Heat. He is still inactive as he recovers from a right meniscus tear, but this is a good step forward for him pic.twitter.com/1tB6HZLXcZ7:50 PM

Michael Grange @michaelgrange
ICYMI – the NBA has rescheduled the three games the Raptors have had postponed. Headliner is Kyle Lowry’s first game back at Scotiabank Arena is Feb. 1 (was Feb. 3rd). Remains to be seen if fans will be allowed back in the building by then. pic.twitter.com/EnkNcEpcTC7:41 PM

Gina Mizell @ginamizell
Shake Milton is a quick sub for Seth Curry, who just picked up his second foul. – 7:17 PM
Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
That’s a good sign. Furkan Korkmaz knocks down an open triple off a pass from Seth Curry who hit into the paint. #Sixers7:13 PM
Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT
Bay Area… #HEATNation where ya at? 👀🎟 – 6:53 PM
Mike Ganter @Mike_Ganter
Some Raptors scheduling changes: Lowry return on Feb 3 has now been moved to Feb. 1., Bulls game from Dec. 16 is now Feb. 3. Magic game originally Dec. 20 now on March 4. Bulls game in Chicago on Dec. 22 now moved to Jan. 26. Raps Feb. 1 game in Atlanta moved to Jan. 31 … more – 6:49 PM
Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT
Scheduling Changes
Our game at Toronto, originally scheduled for February 3, has been moved up to February 1 at 7:30pm.
Our game at San Antonio, postponed on December 29, will now be played on February 3 at 8:30pm EST. – 6:38 PM
Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Starting lineup:
Seth Curry
Furkan Korkmaz
Danny Green
Tobias Harris
Joel Embiid #Sixers6:31 PM
Jonathan Feigen @Jonathan_Feigen
Rockets starters: Mathews, Tate, Theis, Green, Gordon.
Sixers starters: Green, Harris, Embiid, Korkmaz Curry. – 6:31 PM
Jim Eichenhofer @Jim_Eichenhofer
Willie Green on #Pelicans this week facing Uta, Phx, GSW, the West’s top 3 squads: “We play three really good Western Conference teams. I talked to our guys earlier about it, and this is what we want. We want an opportunity to play against the best and see where we are.” – 6:26 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
Think I might be entering the health and safety protocols
But at least there’s Heat-Warriors tonight – 6:13 PM
Chuck Swirsky @ctsbulls
After playing just twice this week, tonight and Friday… Next week…. 5 in 7 including 4 in 5 with the final game in Boston after a home game with Golden State. – 6:08 PM
Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
Report: Optimism Klay Thompson will return for Warriors-Cavaliers on Sunday nba.nbcsports.com/2022/01/03/rep…6:01 PM
Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
Draymond Green has cleared the league’s health and safety protocol and is expected to return to the Warriors’ rotation on Monday against the Heat. warriorswire.usatoday.com/2022/01/03/war…6:00 PM
Barry Jackson @flasportsbuzz
Miami Dolphins offseason primer: Free agency, cap space, 2022 schedule, more. And players react to another lost season: miamiherald.com/sports/spt-col…5:53 PM
Ohm Youngmisuk @NotoriousOHM
Quin Snyder says Draymond deserves MVP consideration. An appreciative Green: “I’m not going to make an MVP case stacking my numbers against Steph Curry, Kevin Durant or Giannis. But the way I impact the game… impact winning, there is something to be said” espn.com/nba/story/_/id…5:47 PM
Tom Moore @TomMoorePhilly
My guess is the #Sixers‘ starting lineup tonight: Curry, Milton, Green, Harris and Embiid, with no Maxey or Thybulle. – 5:47 PM
Golden State Warriors PR @WarriorsPR
Warriors game at Denver re-scheduled for Monday, March 7 pic.twitter.com/E2TRz4I7XU5:46 PM

Eric Koreen @ekoreen
Raptors rescheduled games
@ Chicago, from 12/22 to 1/26
@ Atlanta from 2/1 to 1/31
vs. Miami (Lowry return) from 2/3 to 2/1
vs. Chicago from 12/16 to 2/3
@ Brooklyn from 1/26 to 2/28
vs. Orlando from 12/20 to 3/4 – 5:44 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
From earlier — Chris Silva relishing Heat reunion, “an excitement going through my veins.” sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-h…5:33 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
From earlier — Herro ball put on backburner as Heat deal with shortages; Yurtseven takes another step. sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-h…5:33 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
From earlier — ASK IRA: Was Sunday a prime Heat example of what’s missing? sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-h…5:32 PM
Doug Smith @SmithRaps
So the upshot is, if there are fans in the seats, it’s the Lowry game on Feb. 1 and a DeRozan visit on Feb. 3; not a bad week – 5:32 PM
San Antonio Spurs @spurs
The postponed game between the Spurs and Heat has been rescheduled for February 3 at 7:30pm CT at the @attcenter. Game tickets and parking will be valid for the new date.
More info: https://t.co/TNyf940Zxt pic.twitter.com/120CqzD5UR5:31 PM

Wes Goldberg @wcgoldberg
Heat Warriors tonight. A clash of two of my worlds. Could be a clash of three worlds if a sandwich performs at halftime. – 5:31 PM
Golden State Warriors PR @WarriorsPR
In Celebration of 75 Years of Warriors Basketball
Tonight we recognize: Andrew Bogut pic.twitter.com/cJXrP1RROm5:29 PM

Anthony Chiang @Anthony_Chiang
NEW: Heat’s road games vs. Spurs and Raptors rescheduled miamiherald.com/sports/nba/mia… Also, P.J. Tucker has cleared protocols and is questionable to play tonight vs. Warriors – 5:28 PM
Doug Smith @SmithRaps
NBA announces ton of changes:
Raptors at Chicago, was Dec.
22, now Jan. 26
Raptors at Atlanta, was Feb. 1, now Jan. 31
Heat at Raptors, was Feb. 3, now Feb. 1
1/2 – 5:24 PM
Tom Orsborn @tom_orsborn
All tickets and parking from the original date for Spurs-Heat of Dec. 29 will be valid for the rescheduled date of Feb. 3, the Spurs announced. – 5:23 PM
TJ McBride @TJMcBrideNBA
Nuggets will be playing their rescheduled games as follows:
DEN @ BRK on 1/26 at 5:30MST
DEN @ NOP on 1/28 at 7:00MST
GSW @ DEN on 3/7 at 7:00MST pic.twitter.com/B2KT7r9PSC5:23 PM

Vivek Jacob @vivekmjacob
Raptors’ newly updated schedule:
Jan. 26 @ Chicago
Jan. 31 @ Atlanta
Feb. 1 vs. Miami
Feb. 3 vs. Chicago
Feb. 28 @ Brooklyn
Mar. 4 vs. Orlando pic.twitter.com/2OIduaGvt95:23 PM

Josh Lewenberg @JLew1050
Sked changes
Raps @ Bulls (postponed Dec 22) now Jan 26
Raps @ Hawks (initially Feb 1) now Jan 31
Heat @ Raps, Lowry’s return (initially Feb 3) now Feb 1
Bulls @ Raps (postponed Dec 16) now Feb 3
Raps @ Nets (initially Jan 26) now Feb 28
Magic @ Raps (postponed Dec 20) now Mar 4 – 5:22 PM
Tim Reynolds @ByTimReynolds
Raptors and Heat both play Jan. 31, before the return of Kyle Lowry to Toronto on Feb. 1. Ick. – 5:22 PM
Tom Orsborn @tom_orsborn
The Spurs’ Dec. 29 game with Miami that was postponed due to the Heat lacking the 8 required players has been moved to Feb. 3, the NBA & the Spurs have announced.
The rescheduled contest will start at 7:30 p.m. at the AT&T Center. The Spurs will host Houston on Feb. 4. – 5:21 PM
Wes Goldberg @wcgoldberg
The Heat’s game against the Spurs has officially been rescheduled for Feb. 3, pushing Heat-Raptors to Feb. 1 and creating a back-to-back set with Miami in Boston on Jan. 31. – 5:20 PM
Chris Dempsey @chrisadempsey
The #Nuggets postponed game at Brooklyn has been rescheduled for Jan. 26 in New York & the postponed Golden State game has been rescheduled for March 7 at Ball Arena. – 5:20 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
The postponed Warriors-Nuggets game in Denver will now be played on March 7th, extending a 3-game Warriors trip into a 4-gamer. It’ll now be the first night of a back-to-back for them. They get the Clippers at home on March 8th. – 5:19 PM
Anthony Chiang @Anthony_Chiang
NBA makes it official: Heat at Raptors game moved to Feb. 1 at 7:30 p.m. ET and Heat at Spurs game moved to Feb. 3 at 8:30 p.m. ET. – 5:19 PM
Harrison Wind @HarrisonWind
Rescheduled games for Denver:
– Nuggets at Nets is Jan. 26
– Warriors at Nuggets is March 7
– Nuggets at Pelicans is moving from Jan. 26 to Jan. 28 – 5:19 PM
Tim Reynolds @ByTimReynolds
And the Lowry return to Toronto will no longer be televised by TNT, though that can always change, I suppose. – 5:18 PM
Paul Garcia @PaulGarciaNBA
Spurs vs Heat will now take place February 3 per NBA at 7:30 pm CT
The game had to be postponed last week – 5:18 PM
Tim Bontemps @TimBontemps
The NBA has announced 11 rescheduled games as a result of COVID-19 postponements. The Kyle Lowry return game is now Feb. 1, rather than Feb. 3. pic.twitter.com/GbOZqyj9Ij5:17 PM

The Vertical @YahooSportsNBA
Klay driving the boat to work is a vibe 😎 🚤
The Warriors sharpshooter says his return date “is coming very soon.”
(via KlayThompson/IG) pic.twitter.com/lvasCa83fw5:16 PM

Tim Reynolds @ByTimReynolds
NBA announces 11 postponed games are rescheduled; eight others moved and two times adjusted to make it all happen.
– Kyle Lowry’s return to Toronto now Feb. 1
– Brooklyn plays San Antonio at home Sunday, then goes to Portland the next day
– 7 teams now have a 4-in-5 – 5:16 PM
Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn
ESPN story on the optimism surrounding a Klay Thompson return vs. Cleveland on Sunday: es.pn/3sUIK4y5:05 PM
Anthony Chiang @Anthony_Chiang
Omer Yurtseven’s behind-the-scenes work with Malik Allen and Udonis Haslem is paying off miamiherald.com/sports/nba/mia… Yurtseven has been the NBA’s top rebounder over the last 10 games, as he makes Heat rebounding history for a rookie – 5:01 PM
Austin Kent @AustinKent
It’s never too early to start talking Dunk of the Year. Hit me with your favs. Maybe the best you’ve seen from a star and the best you’ve seen from a rotation player. Still Jaylen on Miles ? JTA on JaVale? Shill me. #NBATopShotThis
🗣📢 pic.twitter.com/Yu7XTdy66d4:58 PM

Melissa Rohlin @melissarohlin
Klay Thompson, from his boat, said it has been a long journey, adding, “Smooth waters never made a good sailor.” – 4:50 PM
Melissa Rohlin @melissarohlin
Klay Thompson on IG Live from his boat: “I’m almost there.” – 4:46 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Out for Heat tonight at Golden State:
Bam Adebayo (thumb)
Dewayne Dedmon (knee)
Marcus Garrett (protocols)
Udonis Haslem (protocols)
KZ Okpala (wrist)
Victor Oladipo (knee)
Duncan Robinson (protocols)
Max Strus (protocols)
Gabe Vincent (protocols)
(P.J. Tucker, questionable.) – 4:42 PM
Rylan Stiles @Rylan_Stiles
New Locked on #Thunder Podcast:
🏀 : Aaron Wiggins defense
🏀 : Isaiah Roby thrives offensively
#ThunderUp: https://t.co/mMkaoVLwqq pic.twitter.com/n2rxAp2jvy4:41 PM

Scott Cacciola @ScottCacciola
PSA: klay is on his boat on the insta – 4:41 PM
Klay Thompson update: Warriors star could make long-awaited return Sunday vs. Cavs, per report
cbssports.com/nba/news/klay-…4:39 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Heat postponed game in San Antonio rescheduled for Feb. 3. sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-h…4:37 PM
Anthony Chiang @Anthony_Chiang
Heat has ruled out Adebayo (thumb), Dedmon (knee), Garrett (protocols), Haslem (protocols), Morris (whiplash), Okpala (wrist), Oladipo (knee), Robinson (protocols), Strus (protocols) and Vincent (protocols) for tonight’s game vs. Warriors.
Tucker is questionable. – 4:36 PM
Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT
get into the groove 🎶
@Jimmy Butler // #NBAAllStar pic.twitter.com/PknDrPXUxw4:33 PM

Doug Smith @SmithRaps
NBA source confirms Lowry return game to Toronto is now going to be Feb.1; the Raptors at Atlanta game scheduled for that night will be moved, and rescheduling of other postponed Raptors games being worked on – 4:31 PM
Anthony Chiang @Anthony_Chiang
It appears that Feb. 1 could be the new date for the Heat’s game against the Raptors in Toronto. But has yet to be finalized. – 4:29 PM
Arash Markazi @ArashMarkazi
The get-in price for Sunday’s Warriors-Cavs game was was $109 before this season but after reports that Klay Thompson could make his return in that game, the get-in price is now $267, making it one of the most expensive get-in prices so far this season, according to @TickPick. – 4:23 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Damn, P.J. TUCKER has been upgraded to questionable for tonight vs. Warriors and is on the way to San Francisco. No definitive word if he plays. Max Strus apparently also has cleared protocols. – 4:20 PM
Barry Jackson @flasportsbuzz
NEW: How Cristobal has been good for Miami Hurricanes business. Some impressive donating, ticket sales, apparel sales since his hiring. PLUS transfers pursued. And Radakovich starts work today: miamiherald.com/sports/spt-col…4:17 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
Tonight is a tough game, but you feel much better about a rotation of:
Kyle Lowry
Max Strus
Jimmy Butler
PJ Tucker
Omer Yurtseven
Tyler Herro
Caleb Martin
Kyle Guy – 4:12 PM
Golden State Warriors @warriors
💥 Became NBA’s all-time 3-point leader
💥 Became the first player to ever hit 3k threes
💥 Broke own record for consecutive games with a three
#StephenCurry had himself a historic December #NBAAllStar pic.twitter.com/QEjH9uUfO34:05 PM

Wes Goldberg @wcgoldberg
P.J. Tucker has been upgraded to questionable and is on his way to San Francisco. Hope is that he’ll be able to play tonight for the Heat against the Warriors.
Draymond Green will make his return to the Warriors tonight. – 4:03 PM
Eurohoops @Eurohoopsnet
Klay Thompson could be making his (very) long-awaited a week from now
eurohoops.net/en/nba-news/12…4:03 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
P.J. Brown has been upgraded to questionable for tonight vs. Warriors and is on the way to San Francisco. No definitive word if he plays. Max Strus apparently also has cleared protocols. – 4:02 PM
Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT
#MIAvsGSW INJURY UPDATE: P.J. Tucker (leg) has been upgraded to questionable for tonight’s game vs the Warriors. He is en route to San Francisco to join the team, his playing status has not been determined yet. – 4:02 PM
Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
After back-to-back losses, ESPN drops the Nets from 3rd to 6th in their NBA Power Rankings behind:
1. Warriors
2. Suns
3. Bulls
4. Jazz
5. Bucks – 4:00 PM
Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
The Warriors are reportedly planning to sign guard Quinndary Weatherspoon to their open two-way contract. warriorswire.usatoday.com/2022/01/02/rep…4:00 PM

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