A $315,000 lawsuit settlement between the city of Rock Island and a woman who was injured in car crash was officially signed and notarized Monday.

The suit stemmed from a crash that occurred in 2019 in which Beverly Mcaninch was injured. Mcaninch suffered multiple fractures of her ribs and vertebral column and other soft tissue injures, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that the car that hit Mcaninch was fleeing from police. Police reports obtained by the Quad-City Times/Dispatch-Argus reveal that the driver of the car, 31-year-old Jackson Chaney, was charged with reckless driving and failure to stop after a personal injury accident.

Chaney had reportedly been driving recklessly when he hit Mcaninch. Two Rock Island police officers, Steven Mumma, Phillip Ledbetter, had seen Chaney turn without using a turn signal. They tried to catch up to Chaney, in their unmarked squad car, in order to initiate a traffic stop, but he drove away and began driving recklessly, according to the police reports. 

Officer Ryan Derudder then found Chaney and began following him, also in an unmarked squad, in order to get his license plate number. Chaney continued driving away and Derudder realized they were driving at 70 mph and slowed down, shortly before Chaney hit Mcaninch. Derudder had not activated his lights, according to the police reports. 

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