Long procession underway after Deputy Sean Riley’s funeral service

Long procession underway after Deputy Sean Riley’s funeral service

WAYNE CO. Ill (WFIE) – It’s been nearly a week since Deputy Sean Riley was killed in the line of duty, and Tuesday his funeral was held at Fairfield Community High School.

The family of Deputy Riley invited WFIE to stream the service live. It’s now over, and we will be including a recording of the entire service once the video is processed.

Here, you’ll be able to see the funeral procession making their way to the cemetery.

[Community gathers at visitation service to honor Deputy Sean Riley]

The high school gym quickly began filling up more than 30 minutes before the start of the funeral.

Sheriff Chris Otey spoke as well as Pastor Phillip Trent.

Deputy Sean Riley's funeral service in Wayne Co., Ill
Deputy Sean Riley’s funeral service in Wayne Co., Ill(WFIE)

The escort is going to Deputy Riley’s hometown of Cisne, where he will be buried.

It started at Fairfield Community High School and it will make its way to Main Street and then onto US 45.

It will head down Central Avenue to Cisne and the Cisne Family Cemetery.

Anyone is welcome to line the route in honor of Deputy Riley.

Instead of flowers, a memorial can be made in his honor to the Sean Riley Benefit Fund at the Trust Bank in Cisne.

Here’s a Facebook live of the entire service:

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