Some squirrels are set to be removed from Bienville Square because there’s so many | Mobile County Alabama News

Some squirrels are set to be removed from Bienville Square because there’s so many | Mobile County Alabama News

DOWNTOWN MOBILE, Ala (WALA) — The sights and sounds of Bienville Square really would not be complete without squirrels.

The City of Mobile says over 100 roam the more than 2.5 acre area.

“I think it’s a nice thing where you see some wildlife down here when you’re downtown,” said Gary Pullen.

The City of Mobile agrees, but within reason.

Bienville Squarrel

They say the pint-size critter has become a problem in the square. They say their population is five times higher than it should be.

“A normal area if they got too many squirrels, the population density was too high they would move to other areas, but there’s no other areas to move too because we’re surrounded by buildings,” said Ali Rellinger, City of Mobile Director of Animal Services.

To help bring the numbers in line, the City of Mobile along with Wildlife Soultions are beginning a relocation effort.

Rellinger says they plan to humanely trap about 25 squirrels this week and relocate them to another area in Mobile County.

“Nobody wants to see them fighting and diseased and having trouble because there are too many here,” she said. “This will give us a healthier squirrel population so that we can keep enjoying the squirrels in the square like people are used too.”

We are told the squirrels are also damaging the Live Oaks in the park.

Some of the small traps are already in place but trapping will not start until later this week while the squirrels get accustomed to them.

People in the park on Monday think it is a good idea.

“It’s nice to see squirrels, but if it’s overpopulated, I think it’s better for the squirrels if they thin them out,” Pullen said.

“If they want to lessen the population for their own good if there’s nothing else so I think it’s a good thing,” said Christy Deupree.

The traps have peanuts on them and in them to try and lure the squirrels.

The whole process is set to be done by the end of the week.

Another important note, the trappers are asking people to not feed the squirrels in the meantime.

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