Antonio Brown has a message for Big Ben ahead of final home game

Antonio Brown has a message for Big Ben ahead of final home game

Former Pittsburgh Steeler Antonio Brown has uplifting words for Ben Roethlisberger before what is believed to be his last home game at Heinz Field. 

Long before he was a disgraced Buccaneer, Antonio Brown was a proud Pittsburgh Steeler. And long before he began to badmouth Ben Roethlisberger to media, he affectionately called him “Billy.”

Last year, Brown tried to clear the air with Roethlisberger, issuing an Instagram apology that included how Brown “never knew how good” he had it with Big Ben.

While Brown’s NFL career is likely over, he isn’t willing to accept that this is necessarily the case for Roethlisberger.

“It’s not over for Ben yet,” Brown said. “I know everyone is wondering if it’s his last game in Pittsburgh tonight, and would it end like this, but it may not end like this.

“I know Ben, he’s a competitor, he loves to play football, one of the greatest of all time, and I just don’t see him hanging it up.”

Antonio Brown doesn’t believe this will be Ben Roethlisberger’s last NFL home game

In his message, Brown emphasizes how Roethlisberger didn’t say that his career was over or that it was his last game at Heinz Field, Roethlisberger does seem to think that his career is trending toward its end.

On Dec. 30, Roethlisberger told media that while he wouldn’t speak definitively, all signs are pointing toward this being his last home game at Heinz Field.

While Brown is kind to remember his former teammate’s talent and tenacity, Roethlisberger has been a shell of himself all season. Nearly all great quarterbacks have fallen victim to time as they near the 40-year mark, showing a precipitous drop in arm strength and the ability to successfully drive downfield.

Many have been calling for Big Ben to be benched all season, including another former Roethlisberger teammate, Ryan Clark.

Brown’s message seems to be entirely out of touch with what the rest of the NFL expects and even what Roethlisberger imagines will happen after Week 18. The Steelers do still have a chance at the playoffs, but the chance of Roethlisberger being Pittsburgh’s quarterback in 2022 is slim to none.

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