Best memes trolling Antonio Brown’s meltdown, tantrum

Best memes trolling Antonio Brown’s meltdown, tantrum

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are parting ways with Antonio Brown after the wide receiver left the field in an unusual manner during a game.

Antonio Brown is no longer a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because of a remarkably bizarre meltdown that involved him leaving the Buccaneers’ road game against the New York Jets shirtless.

He just went and ripped his uniform off and quit during the middle of the game. It’s, well, odd.

The whole interaction was incredibly strange, but it seems on brand for Brown, who is a magnet for controversy. All things considered, it almost makes sense that he’d end up leaving the Buccaneers in a confusing and controversial manner.

While everyone is trying to make sense of Brown’s meltdown, NFL Twitter is having a ton of fun with the matter.

Antonio Brown meltdown: NFL Twitter trolls Brown after outlandish meltdown during Tampa Bay Buccaneers game

Brown has a history of attracting negative attention. There are plenty of folks who have been putting up with controversies connected to him for a very long time. So, when something goofy and absurd happens, folks are going to joke about it.

And there are plenty of jokes to go around.

People are used to being able to joke about some sort of weird scandal that Brown has somehow been involved in.

It’s almost like previous incidents have been preparing people for this moment.

It’s not shocking that the Buccaneers would go ahead and part ways with Brown after this disastrously embarrassing situation. He’s been a headache for Tampa Bay for most of the season. But now Tampa Bay’s headache is over.

Who knows what’s next for Brown. It’s hard to imagine someone else signing him after this debacle that he brought upon himself.

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