Brittany Matthews furious at refs over Kansas City Chiefs loss to Bengals

Brittany Matthews furious at refs over Kansas City Chiefs loss to Bengals

Brittany Matthews, the fiancée of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, wasn’t happy with the refs in the team’s loss to the Bengals.

The Bengals got was felt like dozens of plays from the goal-line to defeat the Chiefs. Eventually, Cincinnati prevailed to win the AFC North thanks to a last-second field goal by rookie Evan McPherson.

Those extra chances at the goal-line came at the expense of the Chiefs, who were penalized for illegal hands to the face and what ended up being an off-setting holding call.

Even Andy Reid didn’t want to comment on the penalties after the game, knowing he’d be fined for doing so. Matthews, however, doesn’t have to hold back.

Chiefs penalties: Did refs screw over Kansas City?

The Chiefs were penalized 10 times for 82 yards, while the Bengals were only called for five penalties which cost them 62 yards. The numbers sure back up Chiefs fans, who are furious at the officiating crew.

Yet, calls tend to even out over the course of a game, and season. With CBS on the call, neither Jim Nance nor Tony Romo had anything negative to say about the illegal hands to the face call, which went against L’Jarius Sneed. There was undoubtedly contact, albeit not much.

The job of the referees are to call the game the same in the first quarter as they would on a potential game-winning drive. Chiefs fans may not like it, but the officials on Sunday afternoon in Cincinnati did just that.

Also, the idea that the referees would be in cahoots with a team like the Bengals — a notoriously small-market team that doesn’t drive nearly the same revenue as the Chiefs — is suspect to say the least.

But don’t tell Matthews that. She, like most Chiefs fans, remains convinced.

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