Did Antonio Brown quit football to promote a rap song?

Did Antonio Brown quit football to promote a rap song?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown might’ve quit football entirely just to promote a new rap song. 

Brown potentially left near a million on the board by quitting the Buccaneers mid-game, as he had incentives in his contract that he could’ve hit in the final 1.5 weeks of action.

Instead, Brown reportedly took himself out of the game, and then proceeded to leave the stadium. On his way off the field, Mr. Big Chest took off his pads and jersey, creating a scene in the process. He even pumped up the rival Jets fans for reasons we can’t quite understand.

Brown posted several times on social media after the event, and rode in a car service to the airport. So far, those are the only public comments we have from him. Tom Brady appeared supportive, while coach Bruce Arians said that Brown is no longer a member of the team postgame.

Antonio Brown promotes rap song on social media

Brown appears to already be promoting what previously was a backup career as a rapper. He posted the following song:

The song is called ‘Pit Not the Palace’. Could he be referring to the Steelers, or another Pit? Either way, it’s unlikely that Brown’s promotion of his new song will make up the million-plus he could’ve earned with the Bucs to end this season, and the money he would’ve earned in free agency this offseason.

By quitting the Bucs in this fashion, he forfeited not just his money this season, but future earnings until he gives a reasonable explanation for his actions. Tampa was arguably his last, best chance in the NFL.

If Tom Brady can’t handle Brown, no one can.

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