Fan angle of Antonio Brown quitting mid-game is hilarious (Video)

Fan angle of Antonio Brown quitting mid-game is hilarious (Video)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown just left the field in the middle of the action and the view from the stands is gold. 

Just what in the heck is going on in East Rutherford right now? Out of nowhere, Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown took off his shoulder pads and jersey, and raced back into the locker room while shirtless and saying goodbye to fans. We’re not making that up.

Brown indeed left the field and it feels like the man just retired mid-game. Fans in the stands were going nuts as it was happening. The footage of the incident is simply unreal. Why would Brown do this?

Video of Antonio Brown ripping off his jersey and leaving the field is nuts

It’s tough to even put this into words. What’s really wild here is that even before Brown left the stadium, fellow wideout Mike Evans appears to have been trying to talk Brown out of making such a foolish decision.

Evans was clearly imploring with Brown to calm down and not lose his cool. Unfortunately for Evans, his effort was a waste of time.

Social media is losing its collective mind after all of these videos have emerged. Brown has overcome injuries this year, while he was also suspended for using a fake COVID card before the season started. Bruce Arians decided to bring him back to the team to help Tampa Bay win another Super Bowl.

Now, not only does it look like his days with the Bucs are completely done, but we will probably never see this guy out on an NFL field again.

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