Group of fans nearly injures Jalen Hurts thanks to FedEx Field disaster

Group of fans nearly injures Jalen Hurts thanks to FedEx Field disaster

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts narrowly avoided disaster thanks to a FedEx Field malfunction.

A group of what looked to be primarily Eagles fans tried congratulating Hurts for the win, which under normal circumstances would’ve been fine. Yet, this is FedEx Field we’re talking about.

The Washington Football Team stadium could really use an upgrade, to say the least. Unfortunately for Hurts, he was nearly the victim of a FedEx Field malfunction.

Uh, that’s not ideal.

How old is FedEx Field?

FedEx Field opened in 1997, so it’s only 25 years old. In stadium terms, that’s not overwhelmingly aged.

Some offseason work is surely in store for Washington. The Snyder family will have to pay up after this embarrassment.

Did the Eagles make the playoffs 2021?

The Eagles have yet to officially clinch a playoff berth, as they need the following to occur beforehand based on the results of the later games.

  • A Vikings loss or tie to the Packers, which seems likely without Kirk Cousins at the helm.
  • A Saints loss or tie against the Panthers and/or a 49ers win or tie against the Houston Texans.

Depending on those exact results, the Eagles could celebrate with champagne. Let’s hope fans saved some from New Year’s Eve.

It’s a miraculous turnaround from Nick Sirianni. Sure, Philly had a relatively easy schedule and reside in the NFC East, but Sirianni wasn’t expected to succeed this quickly.

Making the playoffs with this version of the Eagles should put Sirianni in the coach of the year discussion, regardless of what some fans think of him. It also says a lot about the impact of Hurts, who has provided the Eagles offense with a jolt at the perfect time.

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