Jalen Hurts wrote to the NFL after railing collapse in Washington

Jalen Hurts wrote to the NFL after railing collapse in Washington

After the Philadelphia Eagles secured a playoff slot, another bizarre tragedy befell fans at FedEx Field — one that prompted Jalen Hurts to write the NFL. 

It’s been a tough break for the Washington Football Team, who narrowly missed a chance at the postseason with a close 20-16 loss to their division rival, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Once again, FedEx Field showed up to torment opponents, but Sunday’s events were more dangerous than leaking sewage and cold benches. As Eagles fans reached out to congratulate Jalen Hurts, a stadium barrier broke and fans hurtled to the ground. Hurts went to ensure that fans were okay, and while he smiled with fans and tried to stay calm, he was deeply concerned about the incident.

Jalen Hurts concerned about collapsed railing at FedEx Field

While the Washington Football Team has had its fair share of poor PR this season, from mishandling Sean Taylor’s jersey retirement to the Jon Gruden firing that result from WFT’s email scandal, FedEx Field has been falling apart all year to the detriment of its visitors.

The Washington Football Team took offense to the Dallas Cowboys’ decision to import their own heated benches for their game in Dallas and bring them to every NFC East matchup remaining this season.

Washington went on to lose by 42 points, sitting on heated benches in an indoor stadium with outdoor temperatures in the 70s.

As comical as Washington’s response may have been to the benching fiasco, the shoddy construction of their home stadium is rather troubling. As Hurts notes in his letter, he and those around him were placed in a “dangerous situation” that could have caused “lingering injuries” for those involved.

While the drop may have not been severe for the fans falling onto the tunnel walkway, crashing onto fellow fans and onto concrete is even more dangerous when a metal barrier has broken, as sharp edges could have easily injured any of the fallen individuals. While Eagles fans were eagerly jumping to connect with Hurts, an NFL stadium owned by billionaire Dan Snyder should be able to withstand fan engagement.

But if Snyder has proven anything, it’s that he doesn’t care about anyone — not even the fans paying him money to enter his stadium.

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