Kellen Mond doesn’t seem to be a fan of Mike Zimmer’s comments about him

Kellen Mond doesn’t seem to be a fan of Mike Zimmer’s comments about him

Although Mike Zimmer later clarified his comments, Vikings quarterback Kellen Mond didn’t seem to appreciate his coach’s disinterest in seeing him play. 

With Kirk Cousins out with COVID for their Week 17 loss to the Packers, the Vikings had an opportunity to see more from rookie quarterback Kellen Mond.

The Vikings world saw little of Mond, as he only completed two out of three passes for five yards on Sunday. In the postgame press conference, Zimmer was asked if he’d like to see more of Mond in Week 18.

Not particularly,” he replied. Even worse, he then said the reason was that he sees the rookie every day in practice.

While Mond never said anything regarding his coach’s comments, he did support what one NFL journalist had to say about Zimmer’s flat response.

Mond liked a tweet from Bleacher Report’s Ian Kenyon in which he referred to Zimmer’s comments as “the coldest thing I’ve ever heard from a coach.”

Kellen Mond doesn’t seem to like what Mike Zimmer had to say about him

While Mond didn’t say anything himself, he seems to agree with the sentiment that Zimmer’s words were rather cold as he tempered any enthusiasm about seeing the rookie in Week 18.

Zimmer’s response may not have been particularly warm, but he did clarify that he hasn’t cooled on his overall feelings toward his rookie quarterback.

Unlike many other NFL teams pressured to start their rookie quarterbacks this season, the Vikings have the luxury of letting Mond develop. That Mond didn’t stun in an unexpected NFL debut isn’t necessarily surprising, as he only completed 28 out of 51 passes for 310 yards and an interception during the preseason.

According to Jeremy Fowler, the thought in the Vikings camp all along was to let Mond develop, especially since other young quarterbacks like Jordan Love have struggled in big games.

So even if this all does feel dramatic, it might simply be part of the plan.

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