NFL power rankings, Week 18: Bengals roar, Colts sink

NFL power rankings, Week 18: Bengals roar, Colts sink

In our final NFL power rankings of the season, the Cincinnati Bengals climb while the Indianapolis Colts fall.


Jacksonville Jaguars

2-14 LW: 32

One more loss and it’s the No. 1 overall pick.


Detroit Lions

2-13-1 LW: 31

The Lions have played hard most of the year, but that was ugly.


New York Giants

4-12 LW: 30

Fire everyone.


Houston Texans

4-12 LW: 29

The Texans can sweep the Titans on Sunday, but that’s a tall order.


New York Jets

4-12 LW: 28

Nobody beats the Jets and gets away with it.


Carolina Panthers

5-11 LW: 27

The Panthers gave some hope to their fans, then laughed and turned into a pumpkin.


Seattle Seahawks

6-10 LW: 26

Maybe a parting gift from Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll for Seattle fans.


Chicago Bears

6-10 LW: 25

Nice of the Bears to show up the last two weeks and tank their draft stock.


Atlanta Falcons

7-9 LW: 24

Atlanta actually hung around for a bit, then remembered it’s Atlanta.


Minnesota Vikings

7-9 LW: 22



Washington Football Team

6-10 LW: 20

Washington and its stadium fell apart in rapid fashion.


Denver Broncos

7-9 LW: 21

The Broncos have pieces, but they desperately need a quarterback in 2022.


Cleveland Browns

7-9 LW: 23

Brutal season for a team that had Super Bowl ambitions in September.


Baltimore Ravens

8-8 LW: 16

Injuries polished off the Ravens. Very tough collapse.


Miami Dolphins

8-8 LW: 14

Great run, but in the end, the Dolphins couldn’t beat good teams.


Pittsburgh Steelers

8-7-1 LW: 18

And with that, Ben Roethlisberger is done in Pittsburgh. Great career, tough ending.


New Orleans Saints

8-8 LW: 17

The Saints need to rebuild their offensive weaponry, but they have no cap space to do it.


Philadelphia Eagles

9-7 LW: 15

Beating Washington isn’t exactly cause for celebration, but making the playoffs is.


Las Vegas Raiders

9-7 LW: 19

The Raiders have done a heck of a job down the stretch. Win and in on Sunday.


Indianapolis Colts

9-7 LW: 8

Can’t lose that game. The Colts will make the playoffs, but that’s a hideous loss.


Los Angeles Chargers

9-7 LW: 13

The Chargers only need to win a game they’re expected to for a playoff spot. What can go wrong?


San Francisco 49ers

9-7 LW: 12

Trey Lance was rough, but the Niners won and that keeps hope alive for the playoffs.


New England Patriots

10-6 LW: 10

Beating the Jaguars was great, now the Patriots need to handle quality teams in January.


Dallas Cowboys

11-5 LW: 5

The Cowboys went from having two home playoff games to only one. Rough weekend.


Arizona Cardinals

11-5 LW: 11

Great win to reestablish their position as an NFC contender before the playoffs. Nice job.


Cincinnati Bengals

10-6 LW: 9

Phenomenal win by the Bengals, who put the full star-power of Ja’Marr Chase and Joe Burrow on display.


The Bills did what they needed to do, but Josh Allen can’t be throwing three interceptions.


Los Angeles Rams

12-4 LW: 4

The Rams are winning, but Matthew Stafford isn’t playing winning football.


Tennessee Titans

11-5 LW: 7

With their victory and the Chiefs’ loss, the Titans likely have the AFC’s bye.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

12-4 LW: 3

The Buccaneers are now without Antonio Brown and Chris Godwin. Not ideal.


Kansas City Chiefs

11-5 LW: 2

The Chiefs lost, but they don’t drop. They remain the AFC’s best, but the road is now tougher.


Green Bay Packers

13-3 LW: 1

The NFC will go through the Packers, and that’ll be a tough chore.

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