With the Washington Football Team set to reveal its new team name next month, we might already know what they’re going with. 

Come Feb. 2, the long wait will be over for Washington Football Team fans who are ready to see what direction the organization will be going with in terms of a new name and logo. Well, what if things have already been leaked four weeks in advance?

Things sure are feeling that way. Thanks to some craft detective work from ESPN’s Joon Lee, it looks like the new team name might be the Admirals.

Washington Football Team name may end up being the Admirals

So, how would Washington fans feel about this? Ever since the front office decided to get rid of the old Redskins name and logo, people have been waiting to see what would be coming next here. A change was needed and now it’s finally getting ready to be showcased.

However, things might have been ruined with Lee potentially catching on to things. Nevertheless, there’s so many fans out there who are sick of referring to the group they love as the Washington Football Team and they want to have an actual name out there to enjoy.

For Washington as a whole, this team has gone through some lean years, but there’s plenty of excitement for the future. Chase Young may have suffered his serious knee injury, but he’s got what it takes to be one of the best pass-rushers in the game.

Folks are ready for him to bounce back in a big way. When he does get back on the field, he’ll have a new team name to roll with too. Will it be the Admirals? We’ll know the answer to that question soon enough.

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