Watch Mike Zimmer reach peak passive-aggressiveness over playoff elimination

Watch Mike Zimmer reach peak passive-aggressiveness over playoff elimination

Mike Zimmer was in a foul mood after the Vikings lost in Green Bay to get eliminated from the playoffs and hilariously had no time for questions about it.

After the Minnesota Vikings got shellacked by the Packers at Lambeau Field on Sunday night, the club was officially eliminated from the playoffs (not that they had the best chance to get in before the Week 17 game). Naturally, after a 37-10 defeat, head coach Mike Zimmer wasn’t in the best of moods.

When that’s the case, however, his postgame press conferences tend to be can’t-miss viewing experiences. And with his future with the organization very much in doubt, he didn’t disappoint in delivering on that for what could be one of the last times.

Zimmer talked about mistakes he and the coaches made calling plays, his backup quarterbacks that had to start for Kirk Cousins and more, very clearly perturbed with what happened. That didn’t stop one reporter from asking the head coach about how he felt about being eliminated from the playoffs.

Rather than just angrily answering that, Mike Zimmer snapped a bit and turned the passive-aggressive behavior up to 11 by asking the reporter how he felt about it — and then hilariously thanking him for his thoughts.

Vikings: Mike Zimmer hilariously snaps at reporter over playoff elimination

To be fair, if I (or just about anyone) had to stand on the sidelines and watch my team get run over for 60 minutes in 12-degree weather, my answers probably wouldn’t be dripping with kindness and warmness either.

Having said that, Zimmer is clearly a man frustrated with his and his team’s performance in the 2021 season. There were times where they looked the part of a playoff team but they failed to deliver the necessary results in the biggest moments.

Now, they’ll be watching the postseason from home. And as stated, the Vikings could also be looking for a new head coach next season, meaning this masterclass in angry passive-aggressive behavior could be one of our last images of Zimmer as the team’s head coach.

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