Alexander-Arnold’s chances of breaking Callaghan’s record

Alexander-Arnold’s chances of breaking Callaghan’s record

Trent Alexander-Arnold is a sublime footballer and one that so many people forget just how young he is and therefore how much longer we have the prospect of seeing him in a red shirt.

Given his brilliance on the ball, it is more than fair to assume that our No.66 could easily transition into other positions later in his playing days and thus elongate his Anfield career.

The game at Stamford Bridge marked his 200th in a Liverpool shirt and also made him the fourth youngest player to ever achieve that feat.

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The Scouser in our team sits behind only Phil Thompson, Robbie Fowler and Michael Owen as the youngest players to play two centuries for the Reds and will have his heart set on many more appearance records in his career.

Why not aim for the stars and set his sights on our all-time top appearance record holder, Ian Callaghan.

Here’s a look at some comparison stats between the pair:

TAA first appearance: 25.10.2018 – aged 18y 18d
TAA 100th appearance: 02.11.2019 – aged 21y 26d
TAA 200th appearance: 02.01.2022 – aged 23y 2m 26d

IC first appearance: 16.04.1960 – aged 18y 6d
IC 100th appearance: 07.12.1963 – aged 21y 7m 27d
IC 200th appearance: 06.11.1965 – aged 23y 7m 1d
IC 857th appearance: 29.03.1978 – aged 35y 11m 19d

At the moment, the West-Derby born defender is on track to break the record but there is certainly a long way to go and it all comes down to injuries and if he stays with the club and in the team.

To make a crude guess of when he could possibly try and overtake the great Cally, in the last three full seasons Trent has made an average of 45 appearances.

If he continued to do this it would take 16 more seasons to break the record, including this one, which would take him to the age of 38.

Not beyond the realms of possibility given the increased sport science but the Scouser in our team will need a lot of luck and some of the record-holders highest appearance seasons like the 66-game 1972-1973 campaign.

Lots of numbers but our man is on course for every record he wants, as long as he stays fit, loyal and able to play in the first-team!

You can view the youngest players to make 200 appearances via @michael_reid11:

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