Club Brugge vs Gent Live

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Carl Hoefkens will be in the Supercup on Sunday for his first real test as head coach. At his first press conference, the new Club Brugge coach looked ahead to the match against cup winner AA Gent: “In terms of motivation, this is much more than a friend match.”

Club Brugge vs Gent Live

‘Well begun is half done’, is the cliché. Of course that also applies to Carl Hoefkens. The new Club Brugge coach wants to take a first prize on Sunday.

“The Supercup is already a very good opportunity, after the preparation you can immediately grab a prize. It is the first match that really counts, the motivation is of course even higher than in a friend match.”

Hoefkens does not deny that his official debut feels like a first test. “As a new coach, everything is a first test. The first training session, the first match of friends, the first time in the group, …”, continues the Club coach. “So I definitely see this as a first test. But if you’re new, you actually get test after test continuously.”

Club Brugge therefore does not approach this match as the final piece of the preparation. “I absolutely do not see this as a preparation match, but actually it is. The internationals have only been training for two weeks.”

Charles De Ketelaere has been linked to AC Milan for weeks, but the Red Devil is still walking around the Bruges Base Camp. The transfer seemed to be in the air when De Ketelaere was sidelined in the practice match against FC Copenhagen, but the striker was back again against Utrecht.


“Charles was busy with different things”, Hoefkens admits. “At a certain point it became too much for him for a while. My estimate was then that it was better to give him a moment of rest.”


“We talk about it very openly with each other. After the internship, Charles simply rejoined the group, and in my eyes he did well against Utrecht”, Hoefkens looks back with satisfaction.


Not only CDK is still present, Noa Lang is also still walking around the Jan Breydel stadium. And that while Ferran Jutgla and Cyle Larin came to reinforce blue-black. So a lot of offensive wealth for head coach Carl Hoefkens.


“That is the best thing for a coach, but also the most difficult. Well, I prefer it this way. At the moment that is my biggest problem, but of course that is not a problem at all. I will have to disappoint players, but it is It will be interesting to see how they will deal with that.”


Nothing but luxury problems for the Bruges head coach for the time being.

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