Who qualified for the Qatar World Cup 2022

Who qualified for the Qatar World Cup 2022

fifa world cup 2022

There are less than eight months left for Qatar to host the FIFA World Cup. The World Cup is called The Biggest Show on Earth. For a month, football fans all over the world forget about football. The qualifying round for this year’s World Cup has reached its final stage.

A total of 32 countries will participate in the World Cup. Of these, 20 countries have already been determined. The remaining 12 places are still undecided. However, who can occupy those 12 places, who is around it, it is also known to everyone.

Europe (UEFA)

A total of 13 countries from the European region will play directly in the World Cup. Of these, 10 countries have been determined. The play-off is now underway to select the remaining three countries.

Germany, Denmark, Belgium, France (reigning champions), Croatia, Spain, Serbia, England, Switzerland and the Netherlands are among the 10 countries that have cut Qatar’s ticket to the World Cup.

The other two places will be decided on Tuesday between the two finals. The two finalists are Poland-Sweden and Portugal-Northern Macedonia. The third party will have to wait a little longer to be determined because of the Ukraine war. Because, Scotland and Ukraine will face in the semi-finals of that play-off. The winner of this match will play Wales in the final.

Latin America (Conmebol)

4 teams will play directly from Latin America. There will be an opportunity for intercontinental play-offs. Meanwhile, four teams from Latin have secured their place in the World Cup in Qatar. The four teams are Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay.

The final round of the Latin American qualifiers will be held on Tuesday. At the end of this round, it will be decided which team will be fifth. Who will have the opportunity to play in the intercontinental play-offs. There are three teams on this list, who could be fifth. The three teams are Peru, Colombia and Chile.

North America (CONCACAF)

A total of 3 teams from the CONCACAF region played in the World Cup qualifiers. Only one of these has been determined. The name of the country is Canada. The other two. The final round will be held on Wednesday. From here, two more teams will be directly named in the World Cup in Qatar.

The United States and Mexico are almost certainly the two countries. The rest is Costa Rica. They will be the fourth and they will play a play-off against the country that came from the Oceania region.

Africa (CAF)

Five countries from Africa will play in the World Cup. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, these 5 countries can be decided on Tuesday.

Because, so far, a total of 10 competing countries have survived the race to play the World Cup. Two rounds of play-offs are being held on home and away basis among these 10 countries. The first round has already taken place. Algeria beat Cameroon 1-0.

Morocco drew 1-1 with the Republic of the Congo, Egypt won 1-0 with Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria drew 0-0 and Tunisia won 1-0 against Mali.

These 5 matches are being played again in the second round play-off on Tuesday and at the end of these 5 matches, the 5 winning teams will cut the ticket of Qatar World Cup.

Asia (AFC)

A total of 5 countries from Asia region will play in Qatar World Cup. As the host, Qatar has already qualified for the World Cup. The other four countries have already been determined. These four countries are Iran, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

However, another country may get a chance to play in the World Cup. The fifth-ranked team from the Asian region will play in the play-offs, with the fifth-ranked team from Latin America. A total of two teams will come forward to take the opportunity to play in the play-offs. Australia have already secured their place in the Confederations play-off final.

The second group could be the United Arab Emirates. If they can beat South Korea at home on Tuesday. And if they lose, Iraq will have a chance. They will play against Syria. They will face Australia in the play-off final if they can beat Syria.

Oceania (OFC)

The opportunity to play in the World Cup directly from this continent. From here a team gets a chance to play in the play-offs. Who will play in the play-offs against the fourth-placed team in the CONCACAF region. Two countries claiming a play-off from Oceania. Solomon Islands and New Zealand. The winning team will play against the CONCACAF play-offs.

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