Missouri’s Secret Small Town Talent

Missouri’s Secret Small Town Talent

For multiple years in a row, Rolla High School in Rolla, Missouri, has had over 100 high schoolers go out for wrestling.

“23-26 kids is what we finished with that first year and then we made a push, obviously, and that led to an increase,” said Head Coach Marty Hauck. “By the third year here, we’ve had over 100 every year. Even with COVID last year, when it was kind of a down year, there was still over 90 that came in. We didn’t finish with that but that’s how many went out. This year, right now, our current roster is at 87, but we had over 100 come in.”

The women’s program also stands out, with over 50 athletes trying out.

How Wrestling Prepares Athletes For High-Level Success

Rolla is also home to Missouri S&T University, which houses around 6,000 students, possibly cutting your “family population” down by a quarter.

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