For a Few Backdoor Cutters After Stephen Curry Gained Freedom

During the Golden State Warriors’ series victory over the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference finals, a guy named Jason Arasheben began getting text messages from many Warriors players.

The texts were easy to understand, but also a little arrogant. Be sure to “go wild” with the ring, it advised.

Who Manages Jason of Beverly Hills in LA

Arasheben, who manages the Los Angeles branch of Jason of Beverly Hills, cites a sign that reads, “Make sure it’s over the top.

“In honor of Golden State’s fourth championship in the last eight years, which they won by beating the Boston Celtics in six games, Arasheben set out to create a very massive ring.


In honor of the team’s 16 postseason victories, the Warriors awarded its players, coaches, and front office staff with 2022 championship rings of 16 carats of pure gold on the eve of their season opener on Tuesday against the Los Angeles Lakers.

The inner bezel of the ring features.91 carats worth of white diamonds to commemorate the club’s 91% playoff home-winning record. But the diamond weight is not the only symbolism in a championship ring.

This championship ring was a group effort involving the Warriors’ players, team management, and Jason of Beverly Hills. “The journey counts,” says Warriors associate general manager and design leader Kirk Lacob.

“You can use any ring to convey that tale. It is a nice ring; it has a lot of bling. However, in reality, it represents the actual trip itself. This is meant to serve as a constant reminder of what you overcame.”

Because of the unlikelihood of it happening, Golden State’s drive to the championship in the previous year brought up memories of their title run in 2015.

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Even After Making It to The Finals, They Still Lost

Even after they had advanced to the championship round, the ESPN Basketball Power Index only gave them a 14% probability of winning the championship.

The Warriors wanted to pay tribute to the title that they won seven years before, which was the turning point for their dynasty.

During the initial meeting between Arasheben and Lacob, which took place in Lacob’s office at Chase Center, Arasheben and his crew showed Lacob hundreds of creative concepts.

However, Lacob did not care for them. He claims that he desired the circular form that their wedding bands from 2015 had.

And in the same way that their championship ring from 2015 was designed to look like Oracle Arena, complete with the recognizable Xs that were painted on the windows of the old building around the ring’s perimeter.

This year’s ring features imagery of the exterior of Chase Center in the same location. There is also a glimpse of the inside of Chase Center that may be had by going down one of the sidewalls.

During the design process, which took many months, Arasheben and Lacob only had three official meetings together, but they spoke with each other often via text messages and emails.

Before deciding on the final design of the ring, Lacob claims to have seen over twenty different iterations of the ring’s component sections. They began by working on the ring’s face and then moved on to the shanks subsequently in the process.

Lacob states that while it is comparable, this is a new era. “It’s larger, better, and more badass.” The jewelers at Jason of Beverly Hills spent a significant amount of time and effort searching for a rare yellow diamond that weighed seven carats to use in the creation of the ring.

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Arasheben Claims That the Trade Embargoes Are a Direct Result

According to Arasheben, the trade embargos imposed as a direct consequence of the conflict in Ukraine only made the situation more difficult, and to locate enough, they acquired their supplies from Belgium, Israel, India, and Canada.

After Arasheben had purchased the diamonds, he and his team had just five weeks to manufacture the 65 rings, each of which required between 40 and 50 hours of work and the contributions of seven different professionals.

Not only is the color yellow a nod to the fact that yellow is one of their team colors, but it also represents the franchise’s “Gold Blooded” motto, which was unveiled before the beginning of the first round.

In honor of Stephen Curry’s 43-point effort in Game 4 of the 2022 NBA Finals, the face of the ring has a cutout in the shape of the Bay Bridge that is comprised of white diamond baguettes in the shape of the number 43.

The face also includes each player’s jersey number, which is located on top of what Lacob refers to as a “hidden trapdoor.”

This door, when opened, displays the total amount of Larry O’Brien Trophies that each player has been awarded. According to Lacob, the unique custom feature sprang from a wish to recognize the four essential players — Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Andre Iguodala — who were instrumental in the construction of the Golden State dynasty.

According to Lacob, “We have four players who are unique, but the team as a whole is responsible for winning this title.” On one side of each ring is engraved the player’s last name, followed by the records of each of the team’s wins in the postseason series.

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The seven Larry O’Brien Trophies that have been won by the organization are featured on the opposite side. “I truly do believe that we won the championship last year not despite the previous two years, but because of the previous two years,” Kerr said.

Finishing Line

“It was because of the previous two years that we were able to achieve it.” “When I reflect on all of the hard work that (the men) put in during those off years to grow stronger and be prepared for what they faced last year.

It was a difficult slog, but it was all a necessary step on the path that led to this championship, which is what makes it so remarkable.”

Hidden among those seven trophies is the ring’s most cryptic emblem, which also happens to be Lacob’s personal favorite. During the development of the game, the players were not informed about this particular aspect.

Golden State won these championships on Boston’s famous parquet floor, which is commemorated on the shanks of the trophies by being engraved below the trophies on the ring.

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