Jos Buttler Feels England-Washout of Australia Was Right

Jos Buttler agreed that the pitch wasn’t “fit to play” and that “any bowler that bowled” would have had issues. Therefore he supported the decision to call off Australia’s match against England before a ball was played.

The Umpires Had Some Serious Worries, Buttler Stated

Buttler added, “They the umpires had some huge concerns and, I believe, rightfully so,” after a series of inspections led to the game being called off at 8:49 p.m. local time.

“Due to the heavy rainfall, parts of the outfield within the 30-yard circle were deemed unplayable. We’d all want to play cricket, but it can’t be risky.”

Melbourne has been pummeled by storms for the better part of the previous two days, leading to the decision to cancel the race.


The rain had stopped by the time this match was scheduled to begin, but the outfield was still too wet for the fast bowlers, and both captains were reportedly unwilling to risk them.

Not until almost two hours later, when another flurry had practically decided for everyone concerned, was the game called off formally.

Heavy afternoon rains prevented play between Ireland and Afghanistan earlier in the evening, therefore the day that was supposed to include a doubleheader ended without a single ball being played.

Buttler Said That Any Bowler Who Faced Difficulties There was Doomed

Buttler speculated that “any bowler who bowled there would have had problems.” “Playing conditions weren’t safe for the players, whether they were ours or Australia’s. The decision seems reasonable to me.”

To set the scene. Weather forecasters predict that this October will be the wettest in Melbourne since 1975. The current monthly total is much higher than the historical norm.

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As far as we know, this is the first time in the history of Victorian Premier Cricket that the season’s first five games have been rained out.

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With just one victory from their first three games, England will need to win both of their remaining games to assure themselves a berth in the semi-finals unless further weather disruptions occur.

One of the tournament favorites is in a tough position after a DLS loss to Ireland and this washout, with little room for error. Regardless, the England captain said that he was not unhappy with the position his team was in due to the weather.

“No major annoyances have surfaced on my end. I’m not an expert on the Australian weather at this time of year, but I know that everyone here is eager to play complete innings of cricket. Naturally, we do.

As Predicted, The Weather Affects Our Outdoor Sport

As expected, the weather has a significant role in our sport since it is played outside. They have fascinating effects on the fields we play on and the weather, both of which contribute to the special character of our sport ” Two games have now been postponed due to bad weather.

Even if you try to avoid them, you may find yourself in such situations no matter where you play. Weather is always a factor no matter where you play. So, unfortunately, tonight’s game had to be postponed.

“However, nobody put any pressure on me to play today. The use of common sense won. Despite how terrible that is, as I just said, the circumstances weren’t ideal for everyone concerned.”

This was the other major match that the tournament would have hoped the rains had avoided, even as the ICC will be glad that last week’s enthralling India-Pakistan encounter avoided the damp conditions at the MCG.

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For the evening game, 37,565 spectators came out despite sporadic rain throughout the day; unofficial estimates indicate that audiences of up to 60,000 may have attended if the weather had been better.

As a result, they were forced to spend most of the freezing evening huddling around the top terraces in search of protection while seeing many ineffective pitch inspections.

Buttler expressed sympathy for the supporters and said that England would have preferred to continue the game regardless of the result over accepting a draw without bowling a ball.


It’s unfortunate for the fans who made the trip to the stadium as well as those who planned to watch the game at home on television.

Finishing Line

For athletes, in particular, the match between Australia and England at the MCG is a crucial World Cup game and the biggest of your career. No matter what the outcome, these are the games you want to take part in.

You want to do it because you don’t know when possibilities like that may arise again. There is a melancholy in not being able to win, lose, or draw.”

But he was convinced that England wouldn’t care about the outcomes as long as they were in charge of their fate.

We won’t worry about it until something is really beyond our control, he added. “We are aware that we still have two games to play. We also want to win those two games to improve our chances of moving on to the next round.”

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